John Fox's Old Photos Of Newcastle

A friend of mine, John Fox, found some negatives amongst a relatives collection taken in Newcastle city centre in 1972 and 1973. John scanned the negatives and kindly allowed me to use the photos on this website. I'm afraid I don't know a whole lot about the photos but i can spot where most of them were taken.

August 1972

Pilgrim Street

Grey Street

Pilgrim Street/Mosley Street SW Corner

Northumberland Street

Hood Street

Blackett Street YMCA

September 1972

Grey Street

Sandyford Road

Civic Centre

All Saints Church

King Street/Quayside Corner


Quayside/Lombard Street Corner

August 1973

Prudhoe Street/Percy Street Corner

Percy Street


The Farmers Rest, Percy Street/Prudhoe Street

Blackett Street YMCA

Possibly Northumberland Street/Prudhoe Street Corner

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George Morley, ex Geordie said...

This set of photos just show how much of the old "Toon" have been pulled down to make room for student flats. Look at all of the beautiful buildings that have been lost and replaced by square boxes, never to be replicated again!.

I could weep for what has been done to the best looking city in the UK and probably the world!.