Exhibition Park

Exhibition Park is a public park connected to the south-eastern corner of the Town Moor, Newcastle upon Tyne. The park is home to numerous facilities including sports areas, a boating lake, playgrounds and a skatepark.


The Town Moor Improvement Act 1870 determined that two parcels of land, each of 35 acres (14 ha), would be developed for recreation. One would become Leazes Park with the other at the Town Moor. The original location of the park was to be the Bull Park where the City’s bull was penned for stud. The site was the wedge of land at the corner of Claremont Road and the Great North Road. Later this land became the Hancock Museum. The committee realised that the Bull Park was too small for the Exhibition and requested Town Moor recreation ground. This is where the current park is now. The Royal Jubilee Mining, Engineering and Industrial Exhibition was held in 1887 and proved to be a tremendous success, attracting 2,000,000 visitors.

The name Exhibition Park was first used during the Jubilee Exhibition of 1887 but the old name of Bull Park remained for some time. The only remaining item from the 1887 Exhibition is the grade II listed bandstand, which dates from 1875.

The North East Coast Exhibition

This North East Coast Exhibition of Industry, Science and Art was held at the Exhibition Park from May to October 1929 and was opened by the Prince of Wales on 14 May 1929. It was a symbol of pride and industrial success of the region and at the same time an advertisement for local industry and commerce. The Palace of Arts is the only building still remaining in the park today from this exhibition.

>During 24 weeks operation a total of 4,373,138 people attended.
Gold watches were given to each one-millionth visitor.

Seven criminal offences recorded (six drunken offences and one pick-pocketing)
It closed on 26 October 1929 with a fireworks display.

Museum of Science and Industry

Between 1934 and 1983, a science museum was located in the Palace of Arts in Exhibition Park. Due to lack of space, in 1983 the collections moved to the former Co-Op warehouse in Blandford Square, which later became the Discovery Museum.

Military Vehicle Museum

A military vehicle museum was then housed within the Palace of Arts, from 1983 until 2006. For a period of time, it continued to house Turbinia, the first turbine-powered steamship, which was moved to the Discovery Museum in 1994.

The city council put the building up for sale in 2011, declaring that it could no longer afford repairs. It was purchased by Shepherd Offshore Ltd who stated that they intended to create a collection of horse-drawn carriages and vintage vehicles. The planned opening date was Easter 2015. However, plans changed and the Palace of Arts now hosts Wylam Brewery, which opened on 27th May 2016.

Tyneside Summer Exhibition

This event began to be held by the city council in the 1960s, and attempted to capture many of the elements of the earlier exhibitions. It was last held in 1986, when a £60,000 loss was recorded.

Wylam Brewery in the Palace of Arts

Wylam Brewery started brewing at South Houghton Farm, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Northumberland in 2000. Dave Stone and Rob Cameron bought into the business in 2010, and soon realised that due to growing demand Wylam had to move site to realise its potential. The Grade II listed Palace of Arts was the last surviving building from the North East Coast Exhibition of 1929. It was still vacant after being refurbished by Freddy Shepherd, the former owner of Newcastle United F.C. and became the new home of Wylam Brewery in May 2016. Alongside the new brewery is a brewery tap, which is open four days a week, and the "Grand Hall" which hosts live music and events.

Wylam produces high volumes of US-inspired heavily hopped IPA's on its 50hl kit. It has engaged in collaborations with other craft brewers, such as Cloudwater, Magic Rock, Northern Monk and Thornbridge. Growth in keg beer, which accounts for 70% of its output, has seen Wylam reduce its cask selection to three permanent real ales. Head brewer Ben Wilkinson said the brewery has successfully managed to keep both sets of drinkers happy.

Description courtesy of Wikipedia.

16th June 2023

Claremont Road Entrance.

Exhibition Park Skate Park.

A scourge on Newcastle in recent years.


Circa 1875. Cast iron with zinc roof. Octagonal platform has scrolled iron balustrade, thin columns support arches with decorative spandrels. Round-topped incurved roof has spike finial. Painted base obscured by planting at time of survey.
Grade 2 Listed. Source: Sitelines

Exhibition Park, Model Yacht Pavilion.

The Model Yacht Club Pavilion is a wooden and stone building of symmetrical design. The wooden porch and veranda are painted white and brown as are the benches around the inside walls. Above the veranda is a decorated wooded porch with a minaret at the pitch of the porch gable. The bulk of the building is constructed from rough sandstone and there are windows around the building located under the eaves. The Model Yacht Club was established in 1882.

Source: Sitelines

Urban Green Cafe.

Croquet Pitch.

Exhibition Park, Coronation clock tower.

Erected in 1953 as a gift of the Freemen to the City of Newcastle. Built of special brick supplied by the National Coal Board. Cost £757 6s 5d. Has two clock faces, one to the north and one to the south.


The clock was handed over to the Lord Mayor Ald. W. McKeag on Tuesday 24th November 1953 in a ceremony in the Guildhall. R.W. Bell Ltd built the tower. The clock was supplied by David Summerfield Jewellers. The architect was Charles H. Errington. The roof is made of Canadian red cedarwood and the rear access door is Burnese teak. The clock was lit at night.

Source: Sitelines

Play Areas.

Sensory Garden.

Panoramic Photographs.

6th April 2022

Born Free Forever.

The Born Free Forever exhibition is part of a year-long campaign to highlight the plight of lions both in the wild and in captivity. The free exhibition is the largest of its kind in the UK and will remain in Newcastle until 30th June 2022. More information here Born Free Forever: Newcastle.

19th November 2020

An early morning visit just as the sun was rising.

23rd June 2016

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29th October 2013

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3rd May 2010

Model Railway.

Sensory Garden.

1st June 2009

Sensory Garden.

2nd December 2008

Sensory Garden.

Exhibition Park Skate Park.

11th February 2008

10th May 2006

30th January 2006

Sensory Garden.

Exhibition Park Skate Park.

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