Gosforth High Street

North of the city, just beyond the Town Moor, lies the suburb of Gosforth.
The High Street used to be part of the A1 stretching from London to Edinburgh. In 1988 the construction of the western by-pass took the A1 on a different route around the city.

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The Northern Lights which I always knew as the Queen Victoria

The Earl Grey

The Brandling Arms

Junction with Church Road

The Job Bulman just off the High Street on St Nicholas Avenue

Gosforth Shopping Centre

Thorpes of Gosforth

Junction with Elmfield Road

Gosforth High Street

Gosforth High Street

The County

Closing Down Woolworths

Trinity Church, I think

See also my photos of South Gosforth, Gosforth Central Park and the nearby St Nicholas' Hospital

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Anonymous said...

gosforth high street was a regular haunt of mine in the 1980s and was a fun place to shop and party.