Byker and Heaton Cemetery

This Victorian Cemetery was opened as ‘Byker & Heaton Cemetery’ on April 24th 1890. It is a large space enclosed within a brick wall. Within it are two fine chapels to the north and south of a lodge at the west entrance gates. A tree-lined central avenue runs the length of the cemetery, and paths branch from this to form a grid in the cemetery.

The cemetery contains 158 scattered First World War burials, mostly of local men who had died in Newcastle's military hospitals, including the 1st Northern General, posted in Armstrong College. In the early months of the Second World War, ground was set aside in the centre of the cemetery for service war burials but this was comparatively little used and there are only 25 graves here. The rest of the 113 Second World War burials are scattered throughout the cemetery.

Text adapted from Commonwealth War Graves and Sitelines.

31st December 2021


The stone lodge at the west entrance to Heaton Cemetery is a fine two storey building. On its south face are two bay windows either side of an entrance door. The bay windows have stone roofs and mullions. In the south face gable is a stone carved vent, a feature repeated on the west face gable, on which the date stone (‘1890’) is also placed.

Source: Sitelines.

North Chapel.

Broken windows and damaged/blocked guttering is giving the chapel a run down appearance.

South Chapel.

As with the North Chapel the effects of poor upkeep is starting to take it's toll on this fine building.

Commonwealth War Graves.

Etherstone Avenue Entrance.

Jewish Section.

Central Avenue.

Decorated Tree.

At the western end of the main aisle someone has hung a few christmas decorations on a tree.


While the issue with the overgrown vegetation in the cemetery last summer seems to have been addressed there are signs of a lack of upkeep.

24th October 2008

11th January 2006

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Elly said...

I'm really interested in visiting this cemetery as many of my ancestors lived and died in Byker and Heaton and seeing this has made me wonder whether they are here. I think they were very poor though, so possibly wouldn't have enough money for gravestones. I don't suppose you would know if there are any graves for the Nunn family do you? I was also wondering if you know whether there is still a Harbottle Street in Byker and a Falmouth Road in Heaton? My ancestors lived in these streets for many years and my Dad remembers going up to Falmouth Road to visit where members of the family occupied 3 houses in a row. A big step up from having a family of 10 or more in a 4 roomed house in Byker.

Newcastle Photos said...

Hello and no, I'm sorry but I've no idea about the Nunn family but maybe the council can help you out Deaths, Funerals and Cremations.

All the houses on Harbottle street were demolished as part of the 1970's redevelopment but a short stretch of it still remains see here Harbottle St - Byker and a bigger part of the street remains which is now known as Harbottle Court. And at the eastern end an open area known as Harbottle park still exists.

Older terraced housing still exists on Falmouth Rd. Funnily enough I've lived very close to both of hem roads in my life although I'm only 36, for a few more days anyway! :)

If you can find out a door number for Falmouth Road then let me know and I will stick a photo of it up on my Heaton page.

The top floor in the new city library has all kinds of old registers available to be searched for free if you live near enough.

Roy Miskelly said...

My Great Great Grandmother died in Bolam road Gateshead in 1914 when I check the 1911 census there is only one house, number 1, can you tell me was there am institution or a home for the elderly in Bolam Road and if so what was it called.

susan said...

my family came from Harbottle street, Jenkins. Also my mothers family, Scrimshaw, Hope and Rickaby.

Mandy said...

Hi, I have my granddads burial certificate and the plot number is grave 73 section K, we did find the plot, but there was no headstone. Can you please tell me whether or not any more of his family are buried there with him. His name was James M Strawbridge, he died 07.03.1935

Anonymous said...

Hi, lady called Elly left a comment on here asking about the Nunn family in Falmouth Road. Yes the family had three houses in a row and I lived at number 61 with my dad Ronald Nunn. It would be lovely to find out which part of the family is Elly?