River Tyne and The Quayside 2010 to 2013

6th December 2013

Cycling Santa's.

Maybe a charity cycle ride, but I'm not sure.

25th November 2013

The Millennium Bridge.

A load of chef's and a rescue boat. As above, I've no idea.

27th September 2013

East Quayside.

A boat sails gently up an otherwise still River Tyne.

13th July 2013

River Ouseburn meets the River Tyne.

A busy looking Tyne pub with it's outdoor area.

4th June 2013

21st October 2012

A coastguard boat under the Millennium Bridge.

Bridges galore.

Fishermen outside the Copthorne Hotel.

16th May 2012

Taken on the Tyne Bridge.

16th March 2012

24th February 2012

Taken from The Baltic.

Broad Chare meets the Quayside.

1st February 2012

Taken from the Gateshead side of the Tyne.

23rd January 2012

The Blacksmith's Needle.

The Blacksmith's Needle is a slim cone-shaped tower of open metal-work. The sculpture was created in 1998. It has a multitude of hand-forged iron and steel objects welded all over the frame. Most of the items have a predominately maritime theme, so the sculpture fits in with the overall concept for the quayside area. The 'Needle' comprises of six layers, each layer with objects relating to the senses including what was describes as 'the mysterious sixth sense'.

The Golden Globe Monument.

The Swirle Pavilion, with its golden globe, is part folly and part sculpture. It was made by Raf Fulcher in 1998. The names around the inside are some of the cities with which Newcastle regularly traded from boats on the Quayside. The Swirle, and the short street that runs down towards it, are named after the Swirle (or Squirrel) Burn, now hidden, which used to separate the two towns of Newcastle and Byker.

16th January 2012

Bridges galore.

15th January 2012

The Ouseburn meets the Tyne.

9th January 2012

Taken from the Tyne Bridge.

Taken under the Tyne Bridge looking towards Byker.

6th January 2012

The Quayside taken from the Swing Bridge.

Taken from the Gateshead side of the Tyne.

Taken outside the Free Trade Inn.

East Quayside.

23rd September 2011

The Swing Bridge.

27th July 2011

The High Level and Swing Bridges.

24th July 2011

Broad Chare.

11th July 2011

Taken from the Tyne Bridge.

The Milk Market.

26th June 2011

East Quayside.

17th June 2011

East Quayside.

4th May 2011


3rd May 2011

The Millennium Bridge.

1st November 2010

The Pitcher and Piano.

19th July 2010

Bridges taken from Gateshead.

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