Hoults Yard - Old Maling Pottery

Hoults Yard is situated two miles east of the City Centre in Byker ward. It is a 3 hectare complex built in 1878 specifically for the Maling Pottery establishment. It is a large, solidly built structure owned by Hoults Estates Ltd since the 1960's. After the closure of Maling Pottery, the site provided accommodation for Hoults Estates and floorspace rented out to other local businesses, mainly for manufacturing, storage and office uses.

8th August 2022

Walker Road Entrance.

22nd June 2021

Full Circle Brew.

Walker Road Entrance.

30th May 2021

6th April 2021

10th February 2021

17th July 2018

18th January 2016

21st October 2012

14th March 2012

31st July 2007

11th March 2007

22nd February 2007

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Anonymous said...

Interesting photos of the old Maling pottery, thanks for posting them. I've blogged about them on my British pottery blog - hope you don't mind.

Regards, Roland

Newcastle Photos said...

No problem. :)

I've been meaning to put these photos up for a while now and I'm glad you found them interesting.

ctmaling said...

Hoults actually acquired the premises and the pottery late 1947. Les Dixon (1913-2008) who worked at the pottery from 1927 until closure in 1963, said the takeover came as a complete surprise. The new owners consisted of three brothers and it would be the new Managing Director, Frederick Hoult, who could see the pottery potential and modernised the manufacturing methods, based on a report that he had commissioned from the British Ceramic Manufacturers Federation in 1948. With the modernisation complete and Fred at the helm, the early 1950's saw a healthy recovery in production. Sadly, it wasn't to last much beyond 1954, the year that Frederick Hoult died. With strong foreign competition, lost orders and the fact that the remaining brothers were unable to devote time and effort to the pottery, closure came in June 1963. Thank you for showing your photographs and let us not forget what Maling stands for - The Trade Mark of Excellence!

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks very much for the info :)