Oxford Galleries

It's been known as Tiffany’s, the Ritzy, Ikon, The Studio, Central Park, Diva, Liquid Envy and Club LQ.
But, for a whole generation of North Easterners, it will always be known as the Oxford Galleries.

Sadly, demolition has begun to make way for student flats.

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July 2015

11th October 2015

20th October 2015

21st October 2015

30th October 2015

10th November 2015

19th November 2015

1st December 2015

7th December 2015

21st December 2015

8th January 2016

12th January 2016

22nd March 2016

19th April 2016

15th May 2016

30th May 2016

12th June 2016

30th June 2016

13th July 2016

5th August 2016

6th September 2016

23rd September 2016

13th October 2016

19th October 2016

24th October 2016

4th November 2016

23rd November 2016

19th November 2016

6th December 2016

13th December 2016

22nd January 2017

It's getting so large now that it's impossible to take a photo that covers the whole site.

3rd February 2017

21st February 2017

6th March 2017

21st March 2017

15th May 2017

2nd June 2017

2nd July 2017

3rd August 2017

30th August 2017

19th September 2017

12th October 2017

26th November 2017

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