The Mayfair Ballroom

The Mayfair concert hall and ballroom was situated below Newgate Street, Newcastle on a site now occupied by the Gate. Opened in the 1960's the Mayfair hosted a wide range of events during its lifetime including private functions, Northern Soul, Rave, live music and award ceremonies. For many the Mayfair will be fondly remembered for its services to Rock and Heavy Metal, it held a weekly Rock disco which spanned nearly four decades and attracted to the region international performers such as The Who, Pink Floyd, Queen, U2, The Clash, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Nirvana.

Newcastles Mayfair Ballroom 1961-1999 has a list of bands who performed there with dates.

The following photos were all taken on the 22nd November 1961.

Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle - Ticket Hall
Entrance lobbyand ticket hall - Entrance was made via a large wide straicase descending from Newgate Street, now occupied by The Gate.

Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle - Lobby
Lower foyer with kiosk and entrance to main suite, ladies powder room to right out of shot.

Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle - Fiesta Food Bar
Fiesta Food Bar and kitchen upstairs on right handside with balcony overlooking main dance floor.

Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle - The Sapphire Bar
The Sapphire bar, smaller suite situated downstairs, accessed via main suite and stair from ticket hall.

Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle - Main Bar
Primary bar in main suite downstairs facing the dancefloor.

Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle - 2nd Bar
Mayfair second downstairs bar in main suite, - situated at back beside rear stair way facing dancefloor.

Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle - Stage
Main stage with balcony seating above and dancefloor in front.

Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle - Dance Floor
Dance floor looking towards second bar with main bar to right and stage to left.

Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle - Powder Room
Ladies powder room, accessed from right handside of inner lobby.

Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle - The Crystal Bar
The Crystal Bar, upstairs in main suite on left handside on exit from inner lobby.

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