Newgate Street Shopping Centre

A few photos taken in Newgate Street Shopping Centre which I remember hearing a while back that it was to be demolished and replaced by a new Swallow Hotel. A quick Google finds this article...

A Multi-Million pound scheme to replace an eyesore shopping centre has been given the green light.

Newgate Street in Newcastle is set for an £100m revamp which will see the 1960s shopping centre demolished and replaced with new shops, offices and three hotels.

A total of 1,200 jobs look set to be created by the scheme, which was given planning permission by city councillors.
More - The Journal - June 5th 2010

Edit: Demolition has begun 6 years after plans were first revealed.

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Evening Chronicle - See the demolition of Newgate Shopping Centre from above

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Clayton Street Entrance

Newgate Street Entrance

Grainger Street Entrance

More Information:
Newgate Shopping Centre - 1970 photograph
Newgate Shopping Centre - 1996 photograph

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