Newgate Street Shopping Centre

Shopping centre and hotel, designed by Bernard Engle and Partners completed in 1969 in a stereotype slab-and-podium design. The basement contained a bar and nightclub, the ground floor a shopping centre with 93 roomed hotel on top initially operated under the Swallow Hotel brand

The shopping centre's early retail tenants included Woolworth, Bata Shoes, Milburn's Health Foods, HMV Records, Storey's Carpets, Northern Gas Board, Freeman Hardy Willis, Carricks and a men’s boutique called For The Exclusive Man which was owned by Newcastle United superstar Malcolm Macdonald in 1972. Changes to the shopping centre occurred in the 1990s including the enclosing of the open air courtyards and the removal of the public toilets.

The hotel later became part of the Quality Hotel chain which went into administration in Jan 2009. The hotel was reopened in June 2009 as Newgate Hotel.

Both the hotel and shopping centre were demolished in 2016 to make way for Newgate Court student accommodation.

This page started off with photos taken inside the shopping centre before demolition and continues with the demolition and then the construction of Newgate Court student accommodation.

Description courtesy of Chronicle Live and Sitelines.

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Clayton Street Entrance.

Newgate Street Entrance.

Grainger Street Entrance.

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