South Gosforth

A few photos taken in and around the South Gosforth area on a few different visits.

11th November 2008

South Gosforth Metro Station.

In 1852 the Blyth and Tyne Railway was handed over to a public company. In 1865 under the chairmanship of Joseph Laycock J.P. of Low Gosforth, a branch to Newcastle was built and the Gosforth station opened.

The metro station replaced the 1865 station of the Blyth and Tyne branch of the North Eastern Railway Company. All that survives from 1865 is a sturdy cast-iron footbridge.

Source: Sitelines.

Church Avenue.

Church Road.

South Gosforth Roundabout.

The Victory Public House.

Behind William Street.

20th June 2008

Hadricksmill Road.

31st May 2008

Hadricksmill Road.

South Gosforth Metro Station.

South Gosforth Social Club.

The Millstone Public House.

The Millstone public house is a popular local landmark and an architecturally strong and powerful building. There are remnants of an earlier building on the site, possibly relating to the previous pub or industry at the location.

The present building was constructed in 1900, although it is known that there was a pub on site since at least the 1890s. The building has had numerous owners including J H Graham, Ridley Cutter and Firth, Deuchar’s, Newcastle Hotels Ltd, and Bass.

Source: Sitelines.

Station Road.

27th April 2006

The Brandling Villa Public House.

The Brandling Villa Hotel was built in 1900-1903 for W B Reid and Company, to the designs of Arthur Stockwell. There has been a public house on the site of the Brandling Villa Hotel since at least the 1880s.

The two storey sandstone building has three large bay windows on its eastern entrance front and two doors each with heavy door surrounds. The pilasters of these door surrounds rise the full height of the building and culminate in small ball finial capped gables. A balustrade above the ground floor follows the curves of the bay windows and creates three first floor balconies above the bay windows.

Source: Sitelines.

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