Paddy Freemans

Patrick (Paddy) Freeman and his family arrived from Windmills hills, Gateshead in around 1795 to farm in High Heaton but shortly after 1862, following Sir William Armstrong’s enclosure of Jesmond Dene, they moved away.

After 1883, northeast lodge was built to house Dene employees at a time when only fields existed beyond the gates to the park. Newton Road (named after Sir Henry Newton) had recently opened to allow access to Gosforth colliery from Heaton. In 1928 that part of the road along side of the park was renamed Freeman Road.

Paddy Freeman’s lake originated as a duck pond which was attached to their High Heaton farm, situated to the south of the park. The pond was enlarged to its present size and made user- friendly in 1890. There was an island in the lake but this was later removed.

15th February 2023

Paddy Freeman's Park Lodge.

Built in 1883 at the north-east entrance to the park, to house the Dene employees. Single storey brick building with a sloping roof and has striking green painted woodwork on the gable on the south face, which also has a bay window. The roof juts out around the building and is supported by a curved ledge. The lodge is set within gardens surrounded by a wall and wrought iron railings which continue to form the park entrance.

Source: Sitelines

Paddy Freeman's Park, model boat pavilion.

Built by the Model Boat Club. Single storey building with an unusual overhanging roof, gabled on all four sides. On the south side there is a double door. Windows on other sides.

Source: Sitelines

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Slideshow of some of the many photos that I've taken at Paddy Freemans.

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Unknown said...

Brings back memories of when I used to play in Paddy Freeman's as a kid back in the mid to late 60's.

Nice photo's, IluvNUFC!

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks :)

Loraine said...

Loved Paddy Freeman's park, it was my playground when I was a kid. That and Jesmond Dene - in the 70s when people didn't freak out so much about their kids playing out! I lived in one of the streets in High Heaton ending in 'Gardens'. It would be great to see some photos of those too!

Cracking website. I absolutely love it.

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks :)

Jesmond Dene, Heaton and Armstrong Parks were my playgrounds as a kid back in the 70's. I rarely got up to Paddy's though as a kid as I lived near the railway lines in Heaton.

Unknown said...

Can people feed the cows in paddy Freeman park? (because I really really want to feed them honeydew melon)

Unknown said...

Can people feed the cows in freeman park?