Armstrong Bridge

At the time of its construction Armstrong Bridge probably unique in that it was designed to cope with any problems caused by the subsidence of nearby mines.

It was designed and built by Sir W.G. Armstrong & Co who began construction in 1876 and finished 2 years later in 1878. The bridge provided a high level roadway over the Ouseburn river and Jesmond Dene connecting the suburbs of Heaton and Jesmond. It was pedestrianised in either 1960 or 1963 and substantially repaired in 1983 not long after it had won a reprieve from demolition.

25th November 2021

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Armstrong Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne. October 2020

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this too will pass said...

used to walk across this bridge to school; great Blog, keep up the good work

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks. :)
I'm going to guess we went to the same school although maybe at a different time.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog. I moved to Heaton for my final year and have just discovered Heaton and Armstrong Park's and I'm looking forward to visiting the craft market on this bridge sometime in the near future. Keep up the good work!

Newcastle Photos said...

Also, a little further on is Jesmond Dene and Paddy Freemans Park which are also well worth a visit.
Enjoy your stay. :)


What ever happened to the paintings etc on Sundays?? I ran it for so many years..................


I started the art show on the bridge many many years ago. We used to get comments such as "Wor bloody dog can do better than that!!!!"
Regards to all
David Hinge

Newcastle Photos said...

Cheers David.
I hav'nt been there on a sunday morning for a number of years now so can't say what is for sale there now. I will get there some time this summer and take a few photos.