Denton Dene

Denton Dene is an ancient woodland and a local nature reserve running through the heart of the west end of Newcastle. The Dene itself is split into two major parts called Denton Dene and Denton Dene North although a small patch of field links the two areas(see map below). The southern part, known as Denton Dene, is the ancient woodlands and the the other part, Denton Dene North, is little more than a series of fields.

The walk I took through the Dene started at the entrance at the southern end of Denton Road in Scotswood heading north.

January to March 2009

The Scotswood Sports Centre.

The Scotswood Sports Centre and The Excelsior Academy.

Heading down the hill into the Dene.

The wooded part of the Dene.

The hill out of the Dene up to Broadwood Road.

Crossing Broadwood Roads leads to a small stretch leading onto the West Road.

Denton Dene North.

Crossing over West Road takes you onto Denton Dene North a huge stretch of fields leading to the Slatyford Bus Depot on Stamfordham Road. The field contains a number of football pitches one of which I know is used by Montague Lions Junior Football Club.

A map of the walk I took.

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