Bamboo Bridge at SummerTyne

An eighth bridge to be built across the Tyne in Newcastle will be made out of 20 tonnes of bamboo from China. In the year the Tyne Bridge turns 80, a company called Bambuco has been commissioned to create a new landmark structure spanning the river as part of the annual SummerTyne festival.

The completed bridge will then be on show to the public from Fri 18 – Sun 20 July, marking the first weekend of SummerTyne, Newcastle and Gateshead's festival of music and art.

The bridge will reach from the grounds of HMS Calliope in Gateshead across to the Law Courts between the Tyne and Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

18th July 2008

Excuse the quality as I use a cheap camera and I couldn't take my tripod with me.

16th July 2008

14th July 2008

4th July 2008

3rd July 2008

27th June 2008

25th June 2008

23rd June 2008

Slideshow of my photo's of the Bamboo Bridge.

Part of the opening ceremony of the bamboo bridge.

More Information:
My other photos of bridges over the river Tyne:


Anonymous said...

So /that's/ what it is. Gosh, I'll be going down there at lunchtime, will take a closer look!

Newcastle Photos said...

I might catch you up down there as I'll be there around 1 ish.

Carole said...
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Anonymous said...

Cracking work bonny lad!

Keep it up.



Carole said...

Good set of images showing progression of build. Well done mate. You have a very informative site and thanks for sharing your vast knowledge of the area.

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks. :) I'm glad you enjoy your visits. I've been spending a bit more time than usual on this site lately so watch out for more regular posts.

Carole said...

great night time shots of the Bridge .. Mine weren't that good. I went on the Saturday and it started raining. half of my images had raindrops on them as my umbrella wasn't covering properly after i found out too late when i opened them on the computer LOL

Newcastle Photos said...

They were not too great originally bit Paint Shop Pro helped me fix them.
I'm afraid I left when the rain started so I never got any shots of the middle bit lit up! I'd almost died of boredom by then anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

loved the photos, especially night ones, video also great.did go to see bridge in prgress, but wasnt impressed,more impressed with photos.

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks, it was all a little dull really was'nt it? :)