Hancock Museum

The North of England's premier Natural History Museum unravels the secrets of the natural world through sensational galleries and close encounters with reptiles and insects.

For more than one hundred years the Museum has provided visitors with an insight into the animal kingdom and the powerful and sometimes destructive forces of nature. From the Dinosaurs to live animals, the Hancock is home to creatures past and present and even the odd Egyptian mummy or two...

EDIT: The Hancock Museum closed its doors to the public on Sunday 23rd April 2006 to begin its transformation as part of The Great North Museum project - an exciting and innovative world-class visitor attraction designed for the 21st century.

10th May 2006

7th April 2006

14th February 2006

30th January 2006

14th January 2006

Hancock Museum

29th October 2005

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Anonymous said...

Can we do anything to prevent the name change to the "The Great North Museum" or some such, which seems to be the plan after the current renovations have been completed?

Newcastle Photos said...

It seems that the decision has already been made which is a shame.

The two museums in the university shut last week in preparation for the move and I missed my chance to get in there and get some photos.
Also, I did hear somewhere that the basement of the Discovery Museum was going to host a lot of exhibits from the Hancock and it was going to open to the public sooner or later.

Ewen Macalister said...

Just to say thanks so much for posting this; I spent a lot of time there as a kid and it sparked a lifelong love of museums. I even volunteered there for a short while when it reopened!

Weirdly, I remember the mummification scene not freaking me out as much as the lower balcony being covered by that black cloth... One of those strange childhood memories of being irrationally scared of something utterly mundane.

Newcastle Photos said...

You are most welcome.
I took my son here regularly around 20 years ago and the black cloth was particularly memorable, along with the big spiders.