Eldon Square Bus Concourse

These photos are from the old Eldon Square bus concourse which closed in 2007 and was replaced by the new bus station which was built as part of the regeneration of the Eldon Square Shopping Centre.

The concourse was a dark and dingy place not a pleasant place to stand and wait for a bus and it's demolition was long overdue.

Apologies for the quality of the photos as it was so dark in there.

10th March 2007

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Unknown said...

I used to love it down there. It reminded me of some dark dystopian "80's futurescape" that I could only catch glimpses of, sort of like a transport hub from Total Recall or some other 80's film. For some reason I always liked going into bainbridges from the bus station, at christmas they used to keep the decorations down there by the exit to the bus station. I loved that place even though I never got a bus from or to it!

Newcastle Photos said...

Great description!
I guess regular users will be glad to see the back of it. My overriding memory of the place is the smell of wee!

kevin blumer said...

by them photos bring back memories i had moved down south and moved back up to newcastle and it was gone use to get the 76 to ponteland form in there

Newcastle Photos said...

I bet you don't miss the smell! :)

David R said...

My memory is similar to Stuart's: loved the place. It did smell of wee a bit, but also lovely diesel fumes! Can't get used to new, smaller, lighter Eldon Sq Bus Station but I suppose it is progressive and objectively better. But I'll keep my sentimental 'concourse' :)

Anonymous said...

My Dad dosed off in the old bus station for 3 or 5 hours solid with 3 or 5 bags of shopping. Nothing was taken oddly enough. I also went 2 a café in there with my Mam and saw the disgusting untrustworthy superloos. Never used them