Walker - Woodside Avenue

2 rows of houses make up this very small estate in Low Walker overlooking the once thriving shipyards.

According to the Your Homes Newcastle website..

Woodside Avenue is a small street south of the Eastfield estate, close to the river. There are 36 three bedroom terraced properties which are very popular. These houses have been improved internally and externally as part of the Modern Homes Programme and have a front and back garden. There is a residents group on this small estate.

Edit: Subsidence has become a major issue on the estate and it is deemed cheaper to demolish than repair. As of May 2015 there were 3 tenants left living on the estate and all the rest of the houses are boarded up.

15th September 2020

20th January 2016

This man is no longer an island. Since my last visit the remaining houseowner has left the site. Expecting demolition of few remaining houses soon.

2nd December 2015

Whoever said No Man is an Island?

This one certainly is. Chronicle Live Newcastle man will not be moved from Walker street which is set for demolition

12th May 2015

12th February 2014

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