Hodgkin Park

Hodgkin Park was donated to the City Council by Thomas Hodgkin, a prominent local Banker in 1899, "For the benefit and recreation of local people". Originally the grounds to his house, the park is some 11 acres in size and originally had bowling greens, bandstands and ponds to complement its substantial tree cover.

The park is in two parts, separated by Armstong Road. The north is smaller and quieter, and the southern park more open and refurbished in 2013 to boast a new children's play area, multi-use games area and water features.

22nd September 2014

Hodgkin Park Regeneration

Panoramic photo showing the south east entrance to the park bounded by Whitehouse Road and South Benwell Road

10th December 2013

18th June 2013

1st July 2008

25th April 2007

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Yvonne Young said...

I was born in Maria St, still live in Newcastle. I go to the Benwell Library odd Monday`s for the local history group, it`s great to look through the archive photos. Keep up the good work Kidda.

Newcastle Photos said...

Hello and thanks. I'm an east end lad myself so I don't know the area too well but I will have a wander around Benwell sometime in the futurede and make a page on the area.

You may enjoy this Yahoo group which I'm a member of Tyneside_Northumberland.

george russell said...

hello to all you geordies, my name is george and i was born at the benwell house hotel in 1941 i have lived in Australia for the last 43 years but will always be a geordie and proud of it Does anyone have a photo,[s] of the old benwell house hotel as i would dearly love to see one if possible My mum used to be a barmaid in the lounge there

Angela Knight said...

I used to play in this park as a kid. There were short blocks of flats nearby. I lived in Joan Street about two street along from Atkinson Road. This has brought back some memories.

Richard Lewis said...

My great-grandparents James & Eleanor Dickson owned Benfleet House Hotel in the early 20th century.

I have a photo of the hotel which I believe was taken in the early 1900's.


Jackie armstrong said...

The pictures of Hodgkin park are great we lived in Holmland and played in the park all the time we climbed on the boulders at the top end near A rmstrong rd then followed the little stream down to the bridge then down to the paddling pool it was safe good fun picnics were a bottle of water and whatever Sardis we could get even stolen rhubarb from the allotments or dads back garden lost my shoes in the paddling pool once my brother had to piggyback me home ,great times ,

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I lived in benwell dean tce in the 1970 s.hodgie park was mint .me mates dad ran the parks.i remember we always jumped in the bk ov the parks security mini and locked all the parks gates.me dad always parked his wagon in the bk lane.we had great times.am proud to be a Geordie.

Anne said...

Spent a lot of time in hodgie park as a kid.lived in Woodland crescent the horse shoe,our garden backed on to the park, so we did't have far to go..just down the bank.. Does anyone remember how high you could go on the swings. Also had good fun in the top park when it had been snowing ..

Anonymous said...

HAS anymore got any photos of Norwich street flats any story's about them please