Walker Parish Church and Cemetery

Walker Parish Church (also known as Christ Church Walker) is an Anglican Church in the Diocese of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The Church is situated in the parish of Walker, in the east end of the City. The Church was first established in 1848 and retains much of its original architecture and design, although it has also seen the benefit of many more modern additions.
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January 2010






Robert Chambers' Grave

Robert Chambers (1831-1868), from Pottery Bank, Walker, was one of the most successful oarsmen in the 1850s and 1860s when professional rowing was Tyneside's major spectator sport. A protégé of the legendary Harry Clasper, he specialised in single sculls. His most famous feat occurred on the Tyne in 1859 when he managed to pull back his opponent's seemingly unassailable hundred-yard lead to win the race. He later went on to win the World Sculling Championship, the first Tynesider to do so. When he died of tuberculosis five years later, he was given what at that time was the most elaborate funeral ever accorded to a sportsman in the area; over fifty thousand people lined the route from Pottery Bank to Walker Cemetery.


February 2006

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