Marlborough Crescent

Marlborough Crescent has changed much over the past half century. Originally it was the site of Newcastle's cattle market and the Marlborough Crescent Bus Station. Several of the pubs round about had names linked to the livestock market, for instance The Durham Ox and the Golden Fleece.

The Cattle Market ran from 1830 until well into the 20th century during an era when it was not uncommon to see livestock being herded on the streets of Newcastle. Most of the outdoor market site was built over by the Centre For Life, now the Life Science Centre, which officially opened on May 27, 2000. Only the Cattle Market Keeper's house remains which is encased by the Centre For Life. See my photos here Centre For Life.

Marlborough Crescent bus station was one of Newcastle's principal bus stations. Built in the late 1920's, it served bus passengers travelling into North West Durham, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and all points west along the Tyne Valley, including Carlisle, for around 60 years. The last bus set off from here in the late 1980's.

28th July 2023

National Express Bus Station and rear of Marlborough Crescent.

Behind Marlborough Crescent is a narrow street called Westmoreland Lane which seperates it from the National Express bus station.

Churchill Street.

Looking west towards St. James Boulevard.

17th July 2023

Marlborough Crescent, no. 15, Queens.

Marlborough Crescent, no. 7.

Marlborough Crescent, no. 3-5.

Marlborough Crescent, no. 2.

Marlborough Crescent, no. 1.

Westmoreland Lane, Marlborough Crescent(rear).

Churchill Street, no's 3-9.

Churchill Street, National Express Bus Station.

28th August 2022

Marlborough House.

Marlborough House has an impressive four storey high fa├žade which adds presence to the area. The frontage has been constructed from both sandstone and brick, and there is a mix of columns and mullions, with a triangular pediment situated near the top. A wrought iron sign is located at the very top with ‘Established 1840’ written on it. A large ‘Anderson and Garland’ sign is visible on the 4th floor. The remaining sides of the building consist of plain brick faces.

Source: Sitelines

Marlborough Crescent, no. 6.

Marlborough Crescent, no's. 1,2 & 3-5.

Marlborough Crescent, no's. 7 & 8.

Marlborough Crescent, no. 14.

Marlborough Crescent, no. 15, Queens.


The Barking Dog.

A 1995 photograph of The Barking Dog taken from the middle of the road in front of the pub. There are picnic tables outside. The pub sign shows a spaniel standing on his back legs looking over a gate with the name of the pub in relief across the gate. There is a 'Tenancy. To Let' sign attached to the wall of the pub.

Photo Courtesy of Newcastle Libraries Flickr.


Marlborough Crescent.

Taken from Westmorland Road looking south with Marlborough Crescent bus station on the left.

Photo Courtesy of Newcastle Libraries Flickr.

Marlborough Crescent.

Photo Courtesy of Newcastle Libraries Flickr.


White Bull Hotel.

A 1966 photograph of the White Bull Hotel on the corner of Westmorland Street and Marlborough Crescent.

Photo Courtesy of Newcastle Libraries Flickr.


Marlborough Crescent Bus Station.

Taken c.1920. the photograph shows four buses waiting by numbered stands in the centre of the bus station. People are walking around the bus station. Cars, buses, vans and trucks can be seen on the road which runs around the perimeter of the bus station. Vehicles including horse-drawn are parked in front of the building to the right of the bus station.

Photo Courtesy of Newcastle Libraries Flickr.


King's Hall, Marlborough Crescent.

A photograph of the King's Hall, Marlborough Crescent taken after it closed in February 1930. A 'For Sale' sign has been put in one of the windows. Posters advertising films shown at the cinema can still be found on notice boards on either side of the main entrance.

Photo Courtesy of Newcastle Libraries Flickr.


King's Hall, Marlborough Crescent.

An advert for the King's Hall c.1915. The proprietor of the cinema was James Lowes.

Photo Courtesy of Newcastle Libraries Flickr.

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