Newcastle Racecourse

Newcastle Racecourse is a horse racing course set in the 812 acre High Gosforth Park Estate near Newcastle, England. It stages both flat and National Hunt racing, with its biggest meeting being the Northumberland Plate held annually in June.

19th October 2007

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Anonymous said...

wy have a daft word verification
when you add comment did the daft webb site master miss the pont of a comment page ?

Newcastle Photos said...


You left a comment to complain about word verification on the comments?

wy, webb and pont? Whose the daft one anyway?

Joanne Casey said...

The function of word verification is to deter spammers as it cannot be read by a computer. It's handy if you get plagued by bots, but completely useless against idiots


Anonymous said...

Worked here in the late 70s, early 80s, great memories on race days..had access to all areas, photo finish tower,weighing room etc..overflowing wc,s in silver ring enclosure always caused by one thing....empty wallets,deposited by pickpockets,
Lots of characters around the course,and lots famous faces..piggot, and a very dapper Wilfred Hyde white..