Gosforth Parish Church of St. Nicholas

Gosforth Parish Church stands on what is probably the oldest church site in Newcastle with evidence suggesting that in Saxon times it may have been the only church in the area.

In 1798/9 the builder/architect John Dodds rebuilt the church entirely in late Georgian style, with substantial alterations in 1818/20 overseen by the well-known Newcastle architect, John Dobson. Since then there have been numerous adaptations and enlargements but the building remains essentially as Dodds and Dobson planned it and lends itself to well-done traditional Anglican worship.

Text adapted from Gosforth Parish Church of St Nicholas.

9th February 2010

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g.robinson said...

O2 are proposing to install a 15mtr
mast outside the church !

Newcastle Photos said...

That's a shame but then again if we all use a mobile phone then I can't really see how we could complain.