Ridley Place

Ridley Place was built up c1810 when the area was a suburb of the medieval town. It runs east to west from Northumberland Street through to John Dobson Street.

The street is currently undergoing a series of works to, according to Newcastle City Council, serve as a space for new businesses and independent shops, cafes and bars, with a unique culture and spirit that will create a new destination for those in the city. Works are expected to complete by Spring 2023, with the installation of new street furniture being the final part of the improvement work.

Artists impression of the finished works courtesy of Newcastle City Council.

7th October 2023

Prefab 77 Mural.

PREFAB77 a.k.a. Peter Manning is a UK based artist whose works also include The Ship Inn, Ouseburn, which you can see on my Ouseburn Street Art and Graffiti page dated 14th June 2012

2nd September 2023

11th August 2023

28th July 2023

17th July 2023

4th July 2023

16th June 2023

23rd May 2023

Ridley Place Mural.

Designed by artist Peter Manning, the mural on the wall of Zapatista on Ridley Place is the first of two commissioned by Newcastle City Council for the street, with the second to be painted later in the year.

8th March 2023

12th February 2023

New Street Furniture.

I hope they plan to put back the original paving under the yellow things. The Tarmac looks terrible.

Ridley Place, no. 28.

Ridley Place, no. 26.

Ridley Place, no. 24.

Ridley Place, no. 22.

Ridley Place, no. 22 & 24 & 26 & 28.

Ridley Place, no. 13.

Ridley Place, no. 11.

Ridley Place, no's. 7-9.

Ridley Place, no. 5.

29th December 2022

Ridley Place, no. 27.

Ridley Place, no. 25.

Ridley Place, no's. 21-23.

Ridley Place, no. 19.

Ridley Place, no's. 18-20.

Ridley Place, no's. 15 & 17.

Ridley Place, no's. 10-16, New England House.

Ridley Place, no's. 6 & 8.

Ridley Place, no. 6.

Ridley Place, no. 4.

Ridley Place, no. 3.

Ridley Place, no. 2.

7th December 2022

6th November 2022

17th August 2022

10th July 2022

17th April 2022

26th November 2017

25th December 2013


Ridley Place 1966.

A view of Ridley Place taken from Northumberland Street. Shops pictured include Bacon and Sons photographers R. Waugh stationers and the SPCK bookshop.

Photograph courtesy of Newcastle Libraries Flickr.

Ridley Place 1966.

A view of the street from Northumberland Street. Shops in the photograph include Direct Raincoat, Doreen's Gowns, K. L. Television, Royal Air Force Careers Office and The Rumbling Tum.

Photograph courtesy of Newcastle Libraries Flickr.

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