Leazes Terrace

Leazes Terrace is a Grade I listed building, built c1830 by Richard Grainger and designed by architect Thomas Oliver, and is one of the best examples of terraced residences in the country. The majority being in the ownership of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and used as Halls of Residence. However, several properties on the north east side remain in private ownership.

It overlooks Leazes Park and is in the mighty shadow of St James' Park the home of Newcastle United Football Club. The buildings themselves are the reason why St James Park has a lop-sided look to it as development of the east side of the ground was restricted due to the effect it would have had on these beautiful houses.

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ukzarahemla said...

I lived in Leazes terrace in 1952 as a 4 year old I used to sit on the wall outside my house and the football fans used to pass to go into the ground they used to give me sweets and pennies...now it is not safe to sit there alone as a child which is sad.

Newcastle Photos said...

Lucky you, it looks a lovely place to live even now and if you got out onto the roof you could watch the match for free! That's before the East stand was built in the 70's anyway.

I was'nt aware that it's not safe around there. I thought it would be quite quiet seeing as how most of it is occupied by students.

Richard Varey said...

I was living there as a student in 1976-77 - loved it and so close to the city centre nightlife

Corstopitum said...

I lived on the 1st floor of No 2 Leazes Terrace from being born in October 1940 until 1950. My memories are happy ones of playing in a street free from traffic (apart from the coalman's horse and cart) and the adjoining Leazes Park. Each house had a lovely garden and Saturdays were wonderful as the street came alive with football supporters and street vendors. From the attic of the building I could easily watch the game with my Dad and on other days I went into the ground and collected autographs from Jackie Milburn, Frank Brennan, Bobby Mitchell, Bob Stokoe, Ronnie Simpson, Joe Harvey, Ernie Taylor and dozens more. Most of them I collected many times over. Walking into the town centre was easy and I remember a hospital for babies was on the South side of the square. The coal man kept his horse in a stable at the rear back entrance to the Terace. My best friends Mike and Peter lived at numbers 7 and 22. I miss them even now. Happy days!!!!

Anonymous said...

I stayed in Leazes Terrace for almost one year as a post-graduate in 2005. It was quite a big handsome room on the first floor, although I am not able to recall which room it was, with two large windows overlooking Leazes Park. I enjoyed my one-year sojourn there and am still feeling grateful and emotional when thinking back to all the days spent there - reading into the small hours every night and writing papers when dawn came. Evenings were dark but tranquil and serene with sometimes the singing of nightingales but the clatter of hooves could also be heard when mounted police passed my windows by.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Leazes Terrace from 1968 to 1972..Doctor Bartley was Manager ..good memories..next to Saint James Park home of Newcastle United FC

Anonymous said...

I lived in Lake House Leazes Terrace from September 1968 to July 1971..Mechanical Engineering BSc took 3 years (4 years in USA where I live now)..Doctor Barkley a Mechanical Engineer was our house Manager and had a beautiful wife who was like a mother to all.
We had kitchen TV room clean bathrooms.
We made our own beer and had parties with girls students,nurses attending..never ever forget my University Education.