Byker Estate - Chirton

The Byker estate is made up of 10 different parts which are outlined on the map below.

A coloured map showing the different estates in the Byker Housing estate

The following photos are all from Chirton and were taken largely during various lockdown periods of 2020. I plan to add more parts the Byker estate over the coming year assuming I get the time.

A seating area under a Pagoda

An old shop recently converted to a residential flat

One of the many old pieces of sculpted stone in the Byker redevelopment

A Covid inspired 'stay safe' poster hangs on the fence of St Lawrences Primary School

A sun baked bowling green with houses and a church on Headlam Street behind

A seating and childs play area

A sun baked bowling green with the Byker Community Centre behind

Looking up Welbeck Road with the old walls of the Water Board visible on the left

A recently pruned tree on Welbeck Road growing a new crown

Housing blocks in amongst green spaces

Colourful houses infused with greenery on Chirton Wynd

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