Nunsmoor Park

Located on the Inner West area of Newcastle 1km from the City Centre on the junction of Brighton Grove and Nuns Moor Road.

Nuns Moor Park has a pleasant blend of formal and semi natural features, such as pleasing grassed areas with shrubbery's and trees offering welcome shade. Brighton Grove separates the two parts to this park.

13th October 2015

9th August 2009

2nd July 2007

8th March 2007

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Anonymous said...

This park has fond childhood memories between 1964-69.
With my grandad who took us to watch thats bands on a sunday.

Newcastle Photos said...

I only discovered the park in recent years as I've always been an East End lad. It's now a favourite of my son.

Christine said...

This is the park of kids from the 60's and 70's from Croydon Road, Tamworth Road, Stanton Street...all of the west looks so much better now...but we loved it and had fun....the allotments...all of that

The Cunny family from 41 Croydon Rd...any of the pals we had around..remember the park and the Town Moor...what fun we had.... get in touch.
Christine Cunny

Anonymous said...

I lived at 135 croydon road from 1951 until 63 so remember the whole area I was Mary Deagle