Old Photos of The Hoppings

The Hoppings is a popular fair in the North East of England, held in the last full week of June every year on Newcastle's Town Moor, spanning around 40 acres of land.

The Hoppings started out as a Temperance Festival in 1882, when Newcastle Temperance organisations decided to revive the annual gatherings that they had previously held, but included different festivities to coincide, to counter-attract the 'Summer Race Meeting' at Gosforth Park, which was seen as a source of drunkenness.

It proved to be a great success and the fair is still being enjoyed to this very day.

All of the following photographs are owned by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums and reproduced here under a Creative Commons License.

'I Guess Your Age' attraction. 1952.
Lee Bennett guessing a woman's age at his 'I Guess Your Age' attraction at the Hoppings. 1952.
Photos courtesy of Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

Culine's Rodeo. 1940's.
People enjoying themselves at 'Culine's Rodeo', watching their family and friends take part in the ride at the Hoppings. 1940's.

Onlookers at the Hoppings. 1940's.

2 pictures of Olga Rich at her kids rides at the Hoppings. c. 1950.

People queuing for the rides. 1952.

Believed to be Elisa Stewart performing at the Hoppings. 1940's.

Attractions at the Hoppings fair. 1952.

Performers at the Hoppings fair. 1940's.

'Wonders of the East' entertain the public at the Hoppings. 1940's.

'The Haunted Castle' at the Hoppings. Undated.

'Pinder's Big Zoo Circus Show' at the Hoppings. 1938.
Photos courtesy of Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

Gilbert Chadwick at the Hoppings in 1945.

The 'Moon Rocket' attraction at the Hoppings. June 1945.

Barbara Chadwick posing for the camera. 1940s.

Henry Wharton at the Hoppings in Newcastle. 1940's.

'The Rotor, People like Flies on the Wall'. 1940's.

A swing ride at the Hoppings fair in Newcastle. 1940's.

Two woman selling brooches. 1940's.
Brooches for sale at the Hoppings for 6d. (2 ½p in today's money). 1940's.

Jack Powell standing by his van at the Hoppings. 1940's.

Ghostbuster ride. 1986.
Ghostbuster ride at the Hoppings, 1986. Photograph by Jimmy Forsyth.

Madame Smith's Caravan., 1986.
Madame Smith's Caravan at the Hoppings, 1986. Photograph by Jimmy Forsyth.

Children's Waltzer. 1990.
Children's Waltzer ride at the Hoppings, 1990. Photograph by Jimmy Forsyth.

The Hoppings, 1990.
Looking across the Hoppings, 1990. Photograph by Jimmy Forsyth.

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