Heaton Park

Heaton Park first opened in 1879 when the corporation acquired 22.5 acres of the Heaton Hall estate from Addison Potter at a cost of £12,562. Sir William Armstrong then donated neighbouring Armstrong Park and Jesmond Dene to the city meaning the three parks form a green corridor through east Newcastle following the Ouseburn.

At the southern end of the park once stood an 18th century garden temple which was removed in the early C20. A lake which is shown on the 1859-64 OS map was c100m north-east of the temple was drained in the mid C20.

In the north-east corner of the park are the remains of a C12 tower house (listed grade II) called Adam of Jesmond's Camera more commonly known as King John's Palace.

The north-west side of the park was the site of a bearpit, which was infilled in 1891.

Today Heaton Park is a much valued space by the local community although it has suffered considerably due to 'austerity' in recent years. General maintenance including disappearing floral areas and regular overflowing litter bins are the result and the once pristine bowling green has gone.

Text adapted from Sitelines.

9th August 2023

Heaton Park View Entrance.

There doesn't seem much point in directing the new cycle lane markings through the gates if they are locked.

14th July 2023

Ouseburn Road Entrance.

Does anyone know what that is to the left of the gateway?

15th June 2023

The Pavillion.

The Old Bowling Green.

Now to become a pollinator friendly lawn.

South West Corner.

South West Gates.

Panoramic Photos.

Goal Trees.

When my son was young these two trees formed goalposts for me to go in. I rarely fared well.

The Main Path.

A Fenced Off Area For Dogs.

30th June 2022

5th May 2022

Decorative Gateway, Ouseburn Road.

18th C. Steam Pumping Engines Sign.

In the north west corner of the park where Jesmond Vale Lane meets Ouseburn Road is a sign saying 'Three Newcomen pumping engines drained Heaton Banks Colliery in the 1700's. Part of the greatest concentration of steam power in the world at the time'.

4th May 2022

Storm Damage.

Recent storms have toppled quite a few trees in Heaton Park.

7th February 2022

Storm Damage.

Play Area.

25th November 2021

25th July 2021

Summer flowers in full bloom around Heaton Park Pavillion A group of people doing early morning exercises

The Pavillion.

The original pavilion is at Beamish Museum. The present pavilion is the second replica, built in the 1980s. The associated terrace and balustrading is built of concrete faced with mock stone. There was originally a fountain on the terrace at the top of the steps.

Source: Sitelines.

Looking through Heaton Park gates along Heaton Park Road

Heaton Park Road Entrance.

Original ornamental gates and piers into Heaton Park from Heaton Park Road/Heaton Park View junction.

restored play area after a fire by vandals

Repaired Play Area.

The repaired play area after mindless damage by vandals. Residents around Heaton raised £21,000 of the £25,000 needed remove the damaged apparatus and install new pieces. Donations were also received from Primula, LGA Foundation, Muckle, Procter and Gamble, Friends Heaton and Armstrong Parks, Friends of Paddy Freemans, Jon Foley and Son Ltd, and the local Ward Councillors.

A crow swoops to grab some litter from the overflowing bin Two Magpies feeding from an overflowing bin The winding path through Heaton Park

8th January 2021

A family walk across a snowy field

14th December 2020

A Squirrel sitting on a tree stump

1st December 2020

A worker in a tree removing dead branches

Tree Work.

The pavillion in early morning shadow A man sitting on a bench in front of the Pavillion as the sun rises

The Pavillion.

28th November 2020

A frosty play area

25th November 2020

A Squirrel climbing through a tree

Squirrels in Heaton Park.

24th November 2020

The Pavillion.

17th November 2020

A dog walker and a cyclist in the park

Autumn colours in Heaton Park.

16th November 2020

An ornate stone entrance pillars to Heaton Park from Ouseburn Road

Decorative gateway on to Ouseburn Road.

4th November 2020

The Pavillion.

A man walks through colourful trees in Autumn

2nd November 2020

Fenced off play area after vandals set it on fire

Fenced-off Play Area.

Autumn colours in Heaton Park.

19th October 2020

2nd October 2020

Heaton Park Pavillion

The Pavillion.

18th September 2020

The Pavillion.

Mindless damage to the kids playpark by vandals

Mindless damage to the kids playpark by vandals.

A leaning tree supported by a metal brace

A couple walking their dog down a hill in Heaton Park

17th December 2018

Squirrels in Heaton Park

Squirrels in Heaton Park.

1st November 2011

Autumn colours in Heaton Park.

30th August 2011

Regeneration of the N.E. corner of the park is complete.

6th April 2011

28th March 2011

Ongoing regeneration of the N.E. corner of the park.

2nd March 2011

Regeneration of the N.E. corner of the park begins.

30th November 2010

A snow covered Heaton Park

A snowy scene with Heaton Park's Pear Tree in front of the Pavillion

9th January 2010





22nd October 2009

17th September 2009

24th July 2009

7th May 2009

The Bowling Green in use on a summers day

people playing Bowls in Heaton Park on a sunny day

The pristine Bowling Green.

20th April 2009

A glorious looking Pear Tree in Heaton Park

The magnificent Pear Tree.

The Bowling Green and Pavillion.

2nd February 2009

Heaton Park road ornate entrance gates

A cyclist leaves a wavy track through the snow in Heaton Park

A stout snowman Heaton Park

22nd November 2008

20th October 2008

7th March 2008

4th March 2008

3rd March 2008

26th February 2008

The run down north east corner of the park.

29th October 2007

19th September 2007

13th March 2007

Inside the abandoned Bowling Green shed

The abandoned Bowling Green shed

North east corner.

The old bowling green and shed in the north east corner of the park near the Heaton Road entrance.

6th March 2007

5th May 2006

3rd May 2006

28th April 2006

5th April 2006

3rd April 2006

8th February 2006

4th January 2006

30th December 2005

28th December 2005

8th December 2005

25th October 2005

18th October 2005

30th September 2005

North east corner.

The old bowling green and shed in the north east corner of the park near the Heaton Road entrance.

Drone Footage of Heaton Park.

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Anonymous said...

excellent pictures of Newcastle, you have really captured the sights as they would be seen by a local, a refreshing point of view.

Next time you are in heaton park, have a look for the shoe trees, some trees that have been adorned with hundreds of pairs of old trainers,not too far from the bowling green. They are ideal for interesting photography.

Newcastle Photos said...

I suspect that you mean Armstrong Park. Take a look around this site and you will see it. A lot of the branches on the original shoe tree have been cut down by the council as they were beginning to snap under the weight.
We regularly chuck our old shoes up there.

Newcastle Photos said...

Oh and thanks for the compliment. :)
Keep an eye out as there is plenty more photos and areas to come. It's just finding the time to upload them all.

Anonymous said...

I didnt realize Heaton Park became Armstrong Park at that point, you can tell im not a local! The shoe trees are a fantastic sight, altho they are very hard to photograph to get any real sense of perspective, although your pictures illustrate the trees and obsolete footwear in a most excellent eerie silhouette.

Newcastle Photos said...

I do plan to go back to the shoe tree and get some more pics this week sometime and i'll give them a page of their own.