St Anns Church

St. Ann's Church in City Road, Newcastle, was consecrated in 1768. There has been a church on this site since medieval times. The present church was largely built with stone from the City Walls. The churchyard is among the last within the city to be closed for burials and is the resting place of many who died in the last great cholera epidemic.

A great history of the church is available at St Ann's website here.

7th July 2022

Taken from across the Tyne in Gateshead.

2nd January 2022

1st World War Memorial.

Grave of Joseph Crawhall.

Joseph Crawhall (1793-1853) ropemaker and artist. Born in Allendale. Arrived in Newcastle aged 16 with his elder brother Thomas. He began a ropemaking apprenticeship at the wooden shipyard at St. Peter's. In 1812 he took over St Ann's ropery opposite St. Ann's Church.

Joseph was a fine painter, caricaturalist, lithographer, etcher and wood engraver. He was a friend of wood engraver Thomas Bewick. Joseph was Mayor of Newcastle in 1849 and a magistrate. He died at Stagshaw House near Corbridge aged 59.

Source: Sitelines.

10th February 2021

Black and white photograph of a snow covered churchyard

15th December 2020

A view of St Anns Church from over the Tyne in Gateshead

30th September 2019

14th May 2009

29th July 2008

22nd July 2008

17th February 2007

13th July 2006

7th June 2006


Photo courtesy of Newcastle Libraries


Photo courtesy of The JR James Archive team


Photo courtesy of Newcastle Libraries

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Anonymous said...

recently visited this church in search of the war memorial in it's grounds, lovely old church with lovely helpful people.

Unknown said...

Yes I remember st Ann's Church used to play there as a kid.
I lived in reade Street number 26 used to play with a kid called Tony mckenna he lived in the next street I left in 1968 when the houses were condemned