Walker - St Anthonys Estate and Welbeck Road

Walker is a residential suburb just east of the centre of Newcastle. Walker's name is a hybrid of Old English and Viking Norse, "Wall-kjerr", where "kjerr" is Norse for "marshy woodland". The name therefore means "marshy woodland by the wall", where the wall in question is of course >Hadrian's Wall.

Most of the photos on this page are taken in an area between Welbeck Road and Walker Road which is only a small part of Walker. Other parts of Walker will follow at some stage.

Walker is notable for Walker Park, the Walker Riverside Park, and the Lady Stephenson Library.

Walker is also the birthplace of Eric Burdon lead singer of The Animals & later War. The Animals recorded a song called "Gonna Send You Back To Walker"

Another Walkerite, the author, journalist and broadcaster Keith Topping, titled one of the chapter's in his novel The Hollow Men, The St. Anthony's Chinese Takeaway Massacre.

The Newcastle striker Shola Ameobi grew up in Walker and played his youth football for the local team Walker Central.

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13th August 2023

Birds Nest Road.

A tethered horse on the field.

10th February 2021

Birds Nest Road.

16th January 2009

Monkchester Road, The Rec.

The home ground of Walker Central FC.

23rd September 2008

The County public house, Walker Road.

8th July 2007

Walker Road.

Welbeck Road.

Looking up Birds Nest Road

St Anthony's Road.

Monkchester Road.

St Vincent's RC Primary School on Monkchester Road.

30th November 2006

Monkchester Road.

30th December 2005

Monkchester Road.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great collection.

I grew up in Walker, just round the corner from almost all those pics you did.


Newcastle Photos said...

I also spent a lot of time around there in the 70's as a lot of my family lived just off the Rec.

Anonymous said...

Would it not be good to take a photo from Walker road across to Gateshead and Newcastle now that the houses are down before they are re-built
excellent site

Newcastle Photos said...

They started building the new houses while they were demolishing the old ones. I have a few photos of the construction and they should appear here sometime soon.

Have you seen my Walker Riverside and Walker Road Demolition pages?

Anonymous said...

ahhh my old stomping ground looking for pics of old east walker school bottom of welbeck road/bath street where i went in the 50s n 60s great little school and wanting to show my kids where i went to school and lived in bath street any one help//?//

Newcastle Photos said...

Would I be right in saying it was demolished in recent years?

You could try a search on Structural Images of the North East as they have a lot of old photos.

Phil K said...

I would love to have some old photos of welbeck rd, White St Neptune Rd area from the 50s and 60s - when the Riverside line was operating, paticularly East Walker School (my old school) that long ramp-line of long steps down to Welbeck Rd and Calabountin's Fish Shop on the opposite side of the road, the off-liscence and betting shop a little further north, and the timy little green shack near the Neptune yard (where I worked) at the bottom of Welbeck Road, and the Gents and Ladies toilets at the bottom of Welbeck Rd. (Still there at beginning of 80s although not for us)
Actually, thats a point. There were public toilets on Church St, behind a Welbeck Rd church I remember, there was public toilets all over the place. Handy if you were caught short. Walker Park had them, Glasshouse Bridge, Opposite the old Gibson St Baths on New Bridge St (That's still there, but theres TREES where the urinals used to be now - you can see them as you pass on the bus towards the town after St Dom's catholic church)
Actually, got me thinking that. A subject for discussion tonight over a few jars !

Newcastle Photos said...

I do have some old photos of West Walker School but not East Walker.
Send me an email and I will send you some old photos of Walker.

It would seem, according to the authorities, that the more time goes on the less we need the toilet! :)
I think I can remember the ones on New Bridge St, just.

Angie said...

A very impressive set of photos.I'm not from Newcastle myself but my husband is.He has told me that you did give him permission to use some of your photos.His name is George Carr.

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks. :)

Joan Large said...

I grew up in the early 1950's in a Prefab in Greenford Road? Anyone else do the same? Lived really close to the Gasometer?? Would love to see some old photos of that street/area. Moved to Fawdon to the new estate there around 1954.

Sandy said...

I was the caretaker's son of East Walker School - happy days!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Grew up in St. Anthonys and went to Warrier Street school from early 50's - remember so much from these photos.

Jimmy Dack said...

My name was Jimmy Dack, now Wilson; and I was born at 49 Greenford road 10 May 1958.
I went to the school at the bottom of the road but cannot recall the name of it.
a couple of friends that I remember are walter Atkinson and Gordon Foster.
I was knocked over on Walker road opposite the County pub and my friend David who I was with was killed.
Cathy Carter was the woman that my granddad lived with.
I left Walker in 1963.
Has anyone got any news of the people that I mentioned or the school that I attended , which was also the sea cadets place.

Jimmy Dack said...

Was that the school at the bottom of Greenford road where the sea cadets used to parade at he weekends?
We was there until late 1963.
I used to live in 49 Greenford road, just over from the doby's.
Jimmy Dack

geordie3@tpg.com.au said...

I grew up at lauderdale avenue walker (prefabs) until august 1950 then family emigrated to australia. I have relatives in benson rd to this day

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember robert harrison

Unknown said...

My family lived in monkchester rd in the 1930 s till 1979

Anonymous said...

My family lived in monkchester road till 1979 .Remember Reppers newsagents

Unknown said...

Hi I'm looking for more information about Readers Amusements/video store on Welbeck Road before it closed down what year did they close and when did it open? And do anyone remember visiting it? Kind Regards

artyfartybev said...

My aunt & family lived at 313 Welbeck Rd which was above a butchers shop & there was a tobacconist/confectioner/off licence next door, I can't remember the name of the shop but it was run by an Italian family who made their own delicious ice cream. My uncle would give us money to go downstairs to Giovanni's for 2 bottles of Newcastle Brown & 3d to spend on sweets. I live in Australia now but went back to Newcastle to look after my mum & another aunt (both had Alzheimer's & lived at St Anns on Crawhall Rd/Beamish St opposite the old stables for the horses who brought wagons from docks via Victorian tunnel). I took mum back to see 313 Welbeck Rd but there was nothing that I remembered from my childhood & sadly it all looked very neglected.

steven slasor said...

When a kid in the 70s they had underground toilets on shields road, but now they would be smack head bomb shelters, there were toilets everywhere in the 70s,but also a lot of men hanging around also.

steven slasor said...

My dad (Billy Slasor) went to wharrier Street.

Unknown said...

Does anyone remember the spare ground behind Gloria cinema, we knew it as brikkie ponds back in 1950s. Gypsies used to camp there. I could see it from back bedroom window when I was a kid

Anonymous said...

I used to live at 37 until 1999