Ouseburn Street Art and Graffiti

The scarab beetle (symbol of Renewal and Endurance), by local artist Topsy Grewlike, is made up of Sage, Baltic, Tyne and Millenium Bridges. All are visible in the background from this position in the Ouseburn Valley.

More traditional graffiti on Maling Street near the new Ouseburn Barrage. All of the following photos were taken over the last couple of years in the same stretch as the work regularly changes.

Found round the back of the new buildings on Stepney Bank.

Posters on the side of the Ship Inn by Prefab77.

The Ship Inn

The Ship Inn

A few more of the pieces dotted around the valley.

A new piece from November 2009

New photos from April 2009

New photos from November 2011

July 2014

August 2015

October 2015

February 2017


Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by these murals - I'm coming up to look for myself in a couple of days (I live 150 miles away but spend half my life up there). Particularly like the ones on Stepney Bank. CAN'T WAIT!

ILuvNUFC said...

There were a few more but I did'nt put them up as they had been ruined by kids spraying tags on them.
I did find a great new one last week. I'll get the pic now.