Blucher is a small village on Hexham Road between Throckley and Walbottle in the north west of Newcastle and is part of the Newburn ward.

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Anonymous said...

Having lived in the village with
my Mother, Father and my Grandparents whose house it was at
12 Stephenson Terrace ( facing the
main road. My Parents lived there
until we got our brand new house at 5 The Grove at West Denton in
1947. Lived there until I married
and bought our own new Bungalow at
Winlaton estate. My mother died in 1968, and I had to move Dad in
to Sheltered Housing in Lemington.
Because of the cold winters he
eventually went to my younger brother's home in Johanisberg where he died in 1982.

Anonymous said...

You would have known my grandparents Alfred and Alice Bell, who lived at no 13 Stephenson’s Terrace.