Heaton 2024

28th May 2024

First Avenue, Heaton Meadowfield Social Club.

Built around 1870 it was originally a grand townhouse known as Meadowfield House. The social club moved in around 1907. For some unknown reason there is a stone plaque on the wall commemorating the nearby Ouseburn Viaduct by John and Benjamin Green (Wikipedia - John and Benjamin Green).

First Avenue, First Avenue Studios.

Fourth Avenue.

Fifth Avenue.

Sixth Avenue.

Photos of 4th, 5th and 6th Avenue are for Billy, an ex-pat now living in Canada.

Mundella Terrace back lane.

I love the greening of the back lanes which is gaining in popularity here in Heaton.

Stannington Place back lane.

Tynemouth Road.

A neat Chinese arch over a gate.

30th April 2024

Heaton Grove back lane.

20th April 2024

Mowbray Street/Heaton Park Road back lane.

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