Benton Road and Four Lane Ends

Responding to a request from someone who used to live around this area here are a feww photos of the Four Lane Ends area.

31st December 2021

Taken around the junction with the Coast Road.

16th February 2008

Shops on Benton Road.

Four Lane Ends Interchange.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos.

Looks like it's all change .. all stay the same. Lots of different names on the shops, but still a chemist in the chemist-shop, still a garage where there always was a garage. Good to see there's still the funny little one-way system by the shops, and everyone parking wherever they can. Especially good to see Benton Road's not a 4-lane superhighwaybypassmotorwaylink ...!

Newcastle Photos said...

Despite all the change in Newcastle of late the suburbs pretty much stay the same, mostly.
It is now usually a very, very busy junction but I caught it at a quiet time when I visted. It won't be long before they turn it into a super highway thingymajig.

Good to see it still has a Greggs (not unusual for any street in Newcastle) as that is what sent me up that way on a cold winter morning when my son was at his football training on the site of the old Manor park school.

Terry K said...

Harry Corbett with his famous puppets Sooty and Sweep officially opened the shopping centre in the mid fifties from the first floor window (above the newsagents, I think). I was there with my mother and sister to watch the ceremony.

Newcastle Photos said...

That's quite a memory, thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Cannot believe how little has changed in High Heaton! My first primary school still the same 63 years since I first joined it, followed by the church hall Dad used to wait outside on a Saturday night in order to give his teenage daughter a lift home from the local hop! The shops still there although some names have changed over the years. Houses and streets looking the same - wonderful! 'Geordie Refugee' in the South.