Tyne Tees Television (City Road) Demolition

Demolition has begun on the old Tyne Tees television studios on City Road.

Tyne Tees moved out of the premises a few years ago and the owners have had problems in renting the space out as far as I know.

This page will be continuously updated in the next few weeks.

8th February 2010

10th February 2010

14th February 2010

19th February 2010

22nd February 2010

2nd March 2010

8th March 2010

16th March 2010

27th March 2010

16th April 2010

20th April 2010

Tyne Tees City Road Studios Demolition.

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Shot_by_Larry said...

Great collection, Steve

Yet more of Newcastle vanishing :(

Newcastle Photos said...


Speaking of vanishing, I think your old shop on Shields road is about to be demolished as its all sectioned off at the minute. Unless they are planning to do it up but I reckon its going to come down.

Shot_by_Larry said...

Oh no!

I'll have to tell Mick.

Newcastle Photos said...

He knows, I dragged him along there last week! :)

tarmac said...

Jeepers, I live about two minutes walk away and I didn't even realise they were demolishing it! I've never really liked the look of the building though so don't mind seeing it go.

Newcastle Photos said...

The building itself was nothing special and I won't miss it either.

Anonymous said...

Another piece of Newcastle's history, a shame considering the infamous walk way featured on the tube. As for Shields Road i used to spend a lot of my childhood in Michael/JD Parishes (anyone got pics?) and the ABC cinema (got thrown out during Superman 2 at the age of about 6!)

GS said...

Many thanks for going to the trouble to shoot these photos. Sad scenes. The 'Tube' studio looks small in the pictures. I went to Tyne Tees a few times in the 1980's and can't work out how they managed to squeeze everything in there!

Newcastle Photos said...

No problem, It's great to know that other people are interested in these kind of posts, not just me. :)

Funnily enough, I'd never been inside the building. I was only 10 years old when The Tube started.