St. James Park

St James' Park is an all-seater stadium in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. It is the home of Newcastle United Football Club and has a seating capacity of 52,404.

St James' Park has been the home ground of Newcastle United since 1892 and has been used for football since 1880. Throughout its history, the desire for expansion has caused conflict with local residents and the local council. This has led to proposals to move at least twice in the late 1960s, and a controversial 1995 proposed move to nearby Leazes Park. Reluctance to move has led to the distinctive lop-sided appearance of the present-day stadium's asymmetrical stands.

Besides club football, St. James' Park has also been used for international football, it was used as a football venue for the 2012 Olympics, and will also be used as a rugby venue for the 2015 Rugby World Cup. In addition to professional football, the stadium has hosted charity football events and rock concerts, and been used as a set for film and reality television.

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A slideshow of some of my earlier photos.

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Unknown said...

I worked at Minories Garages in Strawberry Place opposite St James ground
I would love to see some photos of the garage

Unknown said...

Family lore says that my grandfather, Thomas Groves, worked at or managed a garage opposite St James's Park and I am trying to find out more about it. Does that ring any bells with you? If you have any information or memories you could share, please contact me at