Westgate House

Another building from the T. Dan Smith era and demolition has just begun and I thought I would get down there and get a few pictures.

March 2006

EDIT: Well that's it, it's gone now. For better or worse depending on your opinion but I hated it and I'm glad to see it gone. I reckon that's one down and about another 30 or so to go. Here are a handful of photos that I took over the months that it took to demolish.

May 2006

July 2006

September 2006

November 2006

January 2007

More information
Gone at last
Successor to loathed building starts soon


a Geordie in Exile said...

Hi Steve

have you been able to get any pictures of the city on "Black and White" day today

best wishes


ILuvNUFC said...

Never had the chance today I'm afraid.
I did pass through the town and got one of the monument and a couple of my boy dressed up for his black and white day. None of them suitable for here.
Stand by your inbox. :)

rob said...

Is it me or do those buildings all look like they're about to fall down?

No...no it's me. I'm just drunk.

ILuvNUFC said...

:) Aye they do a bit. Something to do with the angle I've taken them at and the way digital cameras work.
One day I may be able to afford a real camera.:)

All donations gratefully accepted. :)

Anonymous said...

its a shame to see westgate house finally hit the deck later this month. I liked the way it juxtaposed the victorian neo-gothic and over busy facard of grainger town. Like something that flew in from space and landed on its stilts. It will be a shame to loose the city's west gate in its current form of west gate house i wonder if they will rebuild the arch like the romans before?

Anonymous said...

seems a shame to be loosing some thing that represents so much history of the city. Not only the 60s but the roman period as well as it was intended to be a representation of the former west gate for the city.
I personally liked the way it looked like it had been dropped in from space on to its stilts.

Sandy said...

I hated Westgate House. I hate pretty much anything T Dan Smith was involved in. I'm glad Westgate House is gone and I'm even happier to see the Central Library flattened. It's a shame he was allowed to erase so much history to erect those monstrosities.

And... aren't those 'jaws' they're using to 'eat' the concrete fantastic to watch!?

ILuvNUFC said...

Yeh I was glad to see it gone along with the library too. There are still some awful pieces of his work left that need to go too in my opinion. As you enter Newcastle from the Tyne Bridge the bottom of Pilgrim St has got to be one of the worst possible introductions to visitors. Ever.

And yeh them jaws are great.
My only worry about the whole thing is the quality of the replacement buildings. What will people think of them and how will they look some 40 years on? Take for instance the new buildings on the Quayside. Yes they do look smart, for now, but who is to say the designs won't be considered awful sooner or later. I think they look awful now!

Aspire said...

I would really like to see more pictures from you on T. Dan Smith's ugly buildings. I hate them too and I would love to see them all come down one by one. Having a little archive of them would be cool though, just to see what was there.

Thanks for a wonderful collection.


ILuvNUFC said...

Hello and thanks.
I'll see if I can dig a few more photos out and post them some time over the weekend.
The way things are going most of the buildings will be gone soon.

gbjoce said...

Hi...I lived and was a student in Newcastle when the Central Library was opened. Spent many happy hours studying there. I can tell you that at the time we thought it was great to have the old library replaced with such a modern library and all of the facilites that came with it.

ILuvNUFC said...

Lets hope we feel the same way about the new one. :)