Walking the River Tyne Westwards Project

8 Seperate walks taken over three years covering the length of River Tyne between Newcastle and Hexham. All the walks linked below are guided with photos, maps and text if you fancy getting a bit of fresh air.

Newcastle's Bridges Part 1 is Newcastle Quayside to Lemington Point(link) a distance of around 4 miles. Vickers Armstrong works and other factories meant I had to come away from the Tyne up onto Scotswood Road for a large stretch of this walk.

Part 1 - Newcastle Quayside to Lemington

Part 2 is Lemington Point to Newburn. A two and a half mile walk taking in Newburn Haugh. The Newburn Industrial estate means you have to come away from the river again for a short stretch.

Part 2 - Lemington Point to Newburn

Tyne Riverside Country Park at Newburn Part 3 is Newburn to Wylam. Around a three mile walk starting at the Newburn Riverside Park and the first opportunity to stick to the river all the way without any factories getting in the way.

Part 3 - Newburn to Wylam

Points Bridge Part 4 is Wylam to Ovingham which is a pleasant stroll along a good flat path for most of the way.

Part 4 - Wylam to Ovingham

Bywell Bridge Part 5 is from Ovingham to Bywell passing through Prudhoe and Stocksfield.

Part 5 - Ovingham to Bywell

Part 6 is between the villages of Bywell and Riding Mill passing through Stocksfield, Broomleyhope Wood, Broomley and then passing through Whiteside Wood into Riding Mill.

Part 7 is Riding Mill to Corbridge passing through Farnley Scar

Part 7 - Riding Mill to Corbridge

Part 8 is Corbridge to Hexham passing through Dilston, Park Wood and Halfmile Wood.

Part 8 - Corbridge to Hexham


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you so much for this wonderful website and fantastic photographs. I lived in Newcastle in the ninties and it was the best time of my life. I studied Medicine at NCL University and worked at South Tyneside General Hospital. I came back home to kuwait in 2000 and I miss Newcastle so much. I can not thank you enough for the joy you brought to me by just looking at your photos.

Best Regards

ILuvNUFC said...

You are most welcome. I'm glad that you enjoy this website. Most of all I'm glad that you enjoyed your time here in Newcastle.

Becca Clowes said...

Hi. I was interested by your ideas for walking Newcastle to Hexham so did your route in one go yesterday with the fiancee for the bank holiday and we loved it! Thanks for posting your route, some of the views were just lovely and the instructions were brilliant, superb choice of route. Only bother was the bank at Farnley Scar has completely subsided into the river since you did it so had to find a way around! Ended in the County Hotel in Hexham for a well deserved pint.

Thanks again,

Jamie and Becca 3/5/16

Anonymous said...

Hi. I liked your idea for walking Newcastle to Hexham so yesterday for the bank holiday the fiancee and I did your route in one go and loved it! Lovely views, and we thought your directions were brilliant and it was a superb choice of route so thanks for sharing. Only bother was that the bank at Farnley Scar has completely subsided into the river since you did it so had to find a way around! Ended in Hexham in the County Hotel for a well deserved pint.

Thanks again,

Jamie and Becca 3/5/16

ILuvNUFC said...

Hello and thasnks. Must've been tiring doing it all in one, well done, plenty of refreshment stops on the way though :)
Thanks for the heads up about Farnley Scar, I will edit the post and mention it.

Rob Cundall said...

Great website. I left Newcastle to travel the world in 1978 been many places seen and done many things but Toon is always home for me so I like to relax sometimes and remember all my home places.

ILuvNUFC said...

Thanks Rob, glad you enjoyed your visit and hopefully jogged some memories.