River Tyne: Newcastle Quayside to Lemington

This walk along the river Tyne from Newcastle Quayside to Lemington point is a little over 4 miles long and is the first leg on my project to walk the river Tyne westwards to Hexham(more on that later). For at least a third of that distance there is no access to the Tyne due to an industrial estate and the former Vickers Factory.

Newcastle's Bridges
Leaving Newcastle Quayside looking back you can just make out all 7 bridges in this photo.

Looking over the river to Dunston Staiths.

Just before the Armstrong Business park.

Arches from the now long gone Armstrongs armaments factory.

The end of the path along the Tyne for now and up onto Scotswood Road.

BAE Systems(Vickers Tank Factory)

Scotswood Bridge taken from the Gateshead side of the river.

The old and unused Scotswood Rail Bridge.

The old Scotswood Rail Bridge and the A1M bridge.

The Western Bypass(A1M) bridge.

The A1M bridge again with Kingfisher Boulevard in the background which is the starting point for the next stretch of my Walking The River Tyne Westwards Project

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Part 1 - Newcastle Quayside to Lemington
Part 2 - Lemington to Newburn
Part 3 - Newburn to Wylam
Part 4 - Wylam to Ovingham
Part 5 - Ovingham to Bywell
Part 6 - Bywell to Riding Mill
Part 7 - Riding Mill to Corbridge
Part 8 - Corbridge to Hexham

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derek robinson said...

hi things have changed a lot since the 70s i used to do repair work for Northumberland CC on there bridges,and did much work on Hexham bypass.And Corbridge temperary bridge While the stone bridge was bing repared.

ILuvNUFC said...

I never knew that Corbridge had a temporary bridge.
Anyone have any photos of it that they would like to share with us?