Hanover St - Bonded Warehouse

The Bonded warehouses were built between 1841 and 1844 by Amor Spoor who carried out his wealthy trade until his death and it continued on beyond the centenary of these buildings. The warehouses were finally abandoned during the late 1970s.

The warehouses were named 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.

Houses 10 to 30 were demolished during the early 1980s and replaced with a terraced garden which gained a certain notoriety with local criminals doing all kinds of shady deals and men who batted for the other team, so to speak, carrying on sordid acts in the area. "The gardens" have recently been renovated to make it more open plan meaning less of the dubious goings on.

Warehouse 50 was severely fire damaged in the early 1990s and its carcass was beyond repair and demolished. Warehouse 40 is the only one left standing, just. There are plans to renovate what's left into offices and apartments.

16th January 2006

8th February 2006

10th February 2006

25th March 2006

On the 24th march 2006 there was another huge fire in the remaining building which caused havoc throughout the city. News report here BBC - Crews monitor fire-hit building and the 5 pictures below were taken around 24 hours after the fire but I could'nt get too close due to the area being cordoned off.

Thanks to John Smith who mailed me the following 2 photos of the building on fire.

31st March 2006

Demolition of the top four floors on the front of the building is due start any day now. More demolition may be needed but they plan to keep the internal walls. I got a bit closer to the warehouse today so here are a few of the pictures that I took.

14th August 2006

2nd November 2006

5th September 2007

10th October 2007

30th November 2007

24th March 2008

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Anonymous said...

Hi I work in the BT building just by the Bonded Warehouse and have to say I am very upset about the fire this was a trully stunning building and I was looking forward to seeing it revamped and in use again even if this meant bringing upto date. The fire was very bad and at its height very scary. I managed to get my car back today which meant I got a good look at the damage however it seems it is now set to be demolished, yet another part of Newcastle heritage distroyed I only hope the people responsible can sleep at night. This fire was no accident and I feel the developers are taking over and Newcastle is fast becoming a modern eyesore

Newcastle Photos said...

Aye it's certainly a real shame that it went up. The whole area still stunk of fire today. I could smell it at the Central Station and that is 24 hours after the event. It must have been a huge fire.
I too would guess at foul play but the one thing that makes me think is the fact that it took so long to do as it's been a mere shell of a building for some time now and as you say the new buildings around it have been flying up for some time now.

Were you evacuated from the building and did you get any photos of when it was on fire that you would like to contribute to this site?

Anonymous said...

Hi no we were not moved out but were on standby just in case. Sorry did not get any pictures. My car was very dirty covered in dust but as least it was safe, I believe some people have had a lot of car damage. I found an estate agent on the web selling apartments and the new building and it looks awful it would never have looked right against the old warehouse so not supprised it went up in smoke the cost of making the old safe before stating the new one would have been enourmous and it is due to start soon??? but still a great shame all the same. They say it was being worked on but I drive past twice a day every day and have never seen anyone coming in or out and would expect road issues when they did start on it so I think its all a cover up. Never mind whats done is done. No good losing sleep as the big guys will always win in the end.


Newcastle Photos said...

Aye your right about the big guys. If/when it does finally all come down it's going to be some of the most valuable land in Newcastle.
And I never seen anyone work their either and I pass that place quite a lot.

There is still a nagging doubt as to why it took so long to get almost razed because as you say the big new building next to it is almost complete. Surely it would have made sense to do this some time ago if it was done with intent.

Anonymous said...

www.sandersonyoung.co.uk check out this website they are selling apartments in the new building to be built onto the old end which was demolished by fire a few years ago and if you go to page 3 you will see the old building. I think this say's it all the new and old would not look right together so why not get rid of the old and add onto the new?????. Any way keep up the good work on the website your pictures are great nice to be able to research the old now its all disapearing.

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks for the link I'll take a look after I've watched Planet Earth. :)
And thanks for the compliment about my site. I have been out and about with my camera of late looking for old stuff and I'm currently putting together a post on the Forth Banks area as I reckon a lot of that area may be feeling the heat, so to speak, soon.

I'm also looking for contributers to this site from anyone with old photos of Newcastle particularly stuff not standing or in use anymore. They obviously would need to scan them and mail them to me and I would give them a credit on this site for each picture used.

Any offers anyone?

Apprentice said...

This is a great website, yes. And an excellent bit of journalism on the warehouses, too. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I will ask around about the photographs. sorry I did not realise my spelling was so bad. I really should have checked before I posted. Latest update from the Copthorne is the road and Hotel are closed until Tuesday, I have to ring back for more info on Tuesday afternoon so will let you know if and when they decide to demolish as the photo's sad as they will be could be good for the site.

Any way bye for now

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am one of the investors who had paid deposits for two appartments one in the old building and one in the new and have been really shocked about the news. The plans for the old conversion were absolutley stunning and I am sure the developers are equally shocked. (I think?) I must admit that plans to proceed were hampered by planning problems regarding the parking, but I believed these problems were nearing an end and that work was due to commence very soon. I don't live in Newcastle, but appreciated the value of Newcastle Heritage and was pleased to be a part of the restoration of this lovely building, alas no more. I am very sad this has happened.

Newcastle Photos said...

Cheers Lynda and no problem about the spelling. I've made one or two at least in this thread.

And thanks anonny-mouse. I did wonder what was holding the process up. And don't let that experience put you off our beautiful city as there is plenty more heritage to be enjoyed around here.

Anonymous said...

Hi both latest update is the front is coming down and the remaining walls will stay. The copthorne hotel is to re open tomorrow and the road will open after 3pm so they tell me. I was at work today and the fire brigade had to come back as the smoke started up again they stayed a little while then left but the smoke was still coming out at 5pm not much but still a worry. Any way I will eat my hat if the road opens before the wall comes down. Unless they demolish tonight. Any way I have to call the hotel tomorrow pm so will update you then. By the way Newcastle is a great place to live please do not let this put you off investing in the area. Some great drinking holes and excellent eating places as well as the heritage.

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks for the update Lynda your a star!
I might venture down there again tomorrow because as you say the wall won't last much longer and I would like some more pics from a bit closer if possible. Please let me know of any changes to the time if you hear any more.
You can contact me at ilovenufcforeverATyahooDOTcoDOTuk if you hear anything else and you wish to pass it on to me. Or you can just click the mail me button in the sidebar. Thanks again. :)

benjymous said...

I work at the top of the office building that overlooks the warehouse - from there it was a great vantage point to see the fire!

I recorded some clips of the fire on my phone, which are now on YouTube:

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks for the link. It seems like you had a great view of what went on.
I will stick one of the videos on here and link to the rest. Which of the 7 videos do you think is best?

benjymous said...

#6 is probably the best to show, as it's nice and long, and shows the flames going at full whack!

Newcastle Photos said...

Cheers. I can't remember which one I put up now. :)

Newcastle Photos said...

That's a real shame for you.
Then again in a year or two the planning issues would probably have been resolved and it would have been converted into flats by then. In fact the plan is still to carry on and build the flats so If you want to see it as was sort of thing you best get over in a week or two.

benjymous said...

Anyone following this thread might be interested to know that the building has pretty much been rebuilt now, and it looks like they've done a really nice job (from the bit of the new roof I can see from my office, anyway!)

Newcastle Photos said...

Hello and thanks for giving me the kick up the backside that I need. I've got a load of new photos of it getting built which I will try and get round to sorting out tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Just looked back in history at Bonded warehouse Hanover Street were I worked as wages clerk, book-keeper. happy days losing myself in the huge warehouse looking for over 100 workmen to pay their weekly wages...in cash then down to the quayside to pay into the Customs Long Room (Now Trinity Barristers` Chambers)a large cheque as duty for the release of barrels of wines and spirits by BRS to shops throughout the North of England. Such a shame it was burned beyond repair in 2006.