Corbridge is a village in Northumberland, situated 16 miles (26 km) west of Newcastle and 4 miles (6 km) east of Hexham. Villages in the vicinity include Halton, Acomb, Aydon and Sandhoe. It grew from the Roman town of CORSTOPITUM, a supply town for the troops on Hadrian's Wall. From the beginning Corstopitum provided much of the building stones used in the construction of many of the village buildings, including the church, Vicar's Pele and nearby castles.

In the thirteenth century Corbridge was second only to Newcastle in wealth and its citizens were heavily taxed to help pay for Edward 1's Scottish wars and its mediaeval street plan is much the same today.

The scene of stormy events in the past. In 796 Ethelred, King of Northumbria was slain here. In 918 King Regnald The Dane defeated the English and Scots armies here. In 1138 King David I of Scotland occupied the town. In 1201 it was searched by King John. It was three times burned, by William Wallace in 1296, by Robert the Bruce in 1312 and in 1346 by King David II of Scotland.

As far back as 1827 Corbridge was a place renowned for its small shops and several of the decorated fronts still survive. Today Corbridge is still known for its quaintness and unique boutique shops and is an ideal base to explore the beauty of Northumberland.

Description harvested from This Is Corbridge, Corbridge - Wikipedia and various information boards around the village.

See also Keys To The Past: Corbridge for more history.

August 2011

Front Street

Hill Street - The Blue Bell

Hill Street - The Golden Lion (Link)

Hill Street - United Methodist Chapel

Hill Street

Main Street - Bridge House

Main Street - The Angel Inn (Link)

Main Street - Low Hall

Main Street - Monks Holme (Link)

Main Street Pant

Main Street

Market Cross

Market Place Pant

Middle Street - The Black Bull (Link)

Middle Street - Lloyds TSB

Princes Street - Cross House

Princes Street - Methodist Church (Link)

Princes Street - Town Hall

St Andrews Cottage

St Helens Street - Parish Hall (Link)

St Helens Street

St Helens Street- The Wheatsheaf Hotel (Link)

Corbridge Railway Station

Station Road - The Dyvels Inn (link)

Watling Street

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