Hexham is a large market town in Northumberland, England, located south of the River Tyne. Hexham is the administrative centre for the Tynedale district, although in terms of population, Prudhoe is now Tynedale's largest town. In 2001, it had a population of 11,139.

Hexham originated as a monastery founded by Saint Wilfrid in 674. The crypt of the original monastery survives, and incorporates many stones taken from nearby Roman ruins - probably Coria or Hadrian's Wall. The current Hexham Abbey dates largely from the 11th century onward, but was significantly rebuilt in the 19th century. Other notable buildings in the town include the Moot Hall, the covered market, and the Old Gaol.

The name of Hexham came from Anglo-Saxon Hagustaldeshām = "Hagustald's home" or "the hedge-warden's home", although it is often incorrectly regarded to mean "land or settlement of witches".

Like many towns in the North of England, Hexham suffered from the border wars with the Scots, including attacks from William Wallace who burnt the town in 1297. In 1312, Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, demanded and received £2000 from the town and monastery in order for them to be spared a similar fate.

In 1715 the 3rd Earl of Derwentwater raised the standard for the Old Pretender in Hexham Market place, however the rebellion was unsuccessful, and the Earl was captured and beheaded after the battle of Preston.
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Anonymous said...

The countryside surrounding Hexham is as beautiful as you could ask for. The first time I saw it I thought I would love to live in it one day. It hasn't happened yet! my mother and father fell in love with its countryside on their first/second visit. And then not too far away is Alan Banks - an equally beautiful park.


ILuvNUFC said...

I must admit to not having ventured far around Hexham to see the countryside but I will some day.