Bedlington Country Park

Bedlington Country Park covers approximately 57 hectares of woodland and grassland on the north banks of River Blyth in Northumberland.

The park is a steep sloping, natural wooded valley which runs from the old Bedlington iron works site at Furnace Bridge in the east, through Attlee Park at the bottom of Bedlington Bank, beside Bedlington Bridge and the A193 road, west towards Humford Mill and Hartford Hall.

These photos were taken in March 2018 and cover a stretch from just North of Attlee Park to Humford Mill stepping stones and then back to Attlee Park. The Humford Mill stepping stones were submerged after the "big thaw" caused by the severe winter we had here in the region.

Northumberland Council - Parks

A tour of the Blyth Riverside Walk along Bedlington Country Park and Humford woods in Northumberland.

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