South Shields - Mill Dam Conservation Area

July 2010

South Shields Customs House

The Customs House, established in 1848, now hosts theatre, cinema, art gallery and restaurant and is open 363 days a year. See The Customs House.

River Police & Tyne Port Sanitary Authority
The Tyne Port Health Authority was established in January 1879 to combat the danger of imported dieases following a tremendous growth of foreign-going shipping in the Tyne. It occupied this building from 1886, when it was built, to 1985. I believe it is now private flats.

Merchant Navy Memorial
This statue was unveiled by Countess Mountbatten of Burma on the 19th of September 1990 in memory of the thousands of merchant seamen who sailed from this port and lost their lives in World War II.

August 2009

South Shields Customs House

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