Derwenthaugh Staithes

The Derwenthaugh Marina area incorporates the remains of what was the eastern range of Derwenthaugh Staiths which are now part of a jetty. This had been an important coal handling and shipping point since the mid 18th century. These remains are part of the 19th century staiths used by the Consett Iron Company who opened the colliery at Chopwell and transported coal along the Garesfield and Chopwell Railway. The staiths were taken over by the National Coal Board in 1947 and went out of use in 1960 having served the colleries and coke ovens at Chopwell, Garesfield, Clockburn Drift (Marley Hill) and the Derwenthaugh Coke Works which closed in 1985

Description harvested from the excellent and informative Tyne and Wear Sitelines

March 2014

March 2010


Coastcard said...

Amazing photographs. Most unusual. Had to find the Scotswood Road to get my bearings!

ILuvNUFC said...

Thanks. :)
It's not that often I cross the Tyne!

Anonymous said...

spent all of my childhood beside the staithes 1946 -1957, i remember when they was a great fire in june 1951 we were evacuated from our house as it was only about 20yds from the staithes and the police and firemen thought the whole of the staithes was going to catch fire. it closed for a few years and the west wing didn't reopen but the east wing did in 1953. it closed altogether in 1960's.