Photographs of Newcastle

This page contains link to all the pages of photos in Newcastle east, west, city centre and the Quayside.

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Aerial Photos Of Newcastle
All Saints Church
AP Appledore Shipyard - Disused
Armstrong Bridge
Armstrong Park
Assembly Rooms, The
Associated Lead - Abandoned

Bamboo Bridge at SummerTyne.
Barrack Road - Alan Shearer Statue
Bath Lane
Benwell - Hodgkin Park 2007-2013
Benwell - Hodgkin Park regeneration 2014
Benwell - St James' Church
Benwell Nature Park
Benwell Towers
Benwell, Old
Big Waters Nature Reserve
Bigg Market, Cloth Market, Groat Market
Blakelaw Park
Brandling Park
Byker Estate - Page 1
Byker Estate - Page 2
Byker Estate - Page 3
Byker from Gateshead
Byker in the snow November 2010
Byker - Bolam Street School Demolition
Byker - Community Garden
Byker - Harbottle Park
Byker - Scrapyard Fire May 2011
Byker - Shields Road - Older Photos
Byker - Shields Road - 2014
Byker - Shields Road - 2017
Byker - St Lawrence's Park
Byker - St Lawrence's Square
Byker Wall - South Side - Dec 2015
Byker Wall - North Side - 2017
Byker Wall - Older Photos
Byker/Heaton Cemetery

Castle Keep - Black Gate
Central Arcade, The
Central Station
Centre For Life
Charlotte Square
Chinatown - New Year 2006
Chopwell Woods
City Library Demolition
City Library Under Construction
City Library, New
City Road
Civic Centre
Clayton Street
Collingwood Street
Cowgate Roundabout and Shops December 2014

Denton Dene
Discovery Museum
Downing Plaza Construction (Former S&N Breweries Site)

Eldon Square, Old
Eldon Square, Old (2018)
Eldon Square Bus Concourse
Eldon Square - Remembrance 2018
Eldon Square - Remembrance Day 2008
Eldon Square Shopping Centre Redevelopment
Elswick - Cruddas Park(Riverside Dene) Flats
Elswick - Cruddas Park(Riverside Dene) Flats Demolition
Elswick - Newcastle Eagles Community Area
Elswick - Railway Street
Elswick - River Tyne
Elswick - St. John's Cemetery
Elswick - St Michael's Church
Elswick Park
Exhibition Park
Exhibition Park - Snow November 2010

Fairways Estate
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2007
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2008
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2009
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2010
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2011
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2012
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2013
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2014
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2015
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2016
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2017
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2018
Fenwicks Christmas Window 2019

Four Lane Ends
Forth Banks and Stephenson Quarter 2006-2016
Forth Banks 2017+

George Stephenson Monument
Gosforth - Asburton RC Cemetery
Gosforth - Hollywood Avenue Cemetery
Gosforth - St Charles Catholic Church
Gosforth - St. Nicholas' Hospital
Gosforth - St Nicholas' Park
Gosforth Central Park
Gosforth Chapel, North
Gosforth High Street
Gosforth Parish Church of St. Nicholas
Gosforth, South
Grainger Market - 2009
Grainger Market - 2014
Grainger Street
Great North Museum
Grey Street
Grey's Monument
Guildhall Tour

Hadrian's Tower
Hadrian's Wall (Newcastle and Wallsend)
Hancock Museum
Hanover St - Bonded Warehouse
Haymarket Metro Redevelopment
Heaton - Flood Damage - July 2009
Heaton - Huntcliffe Gardens - Gas Explosion - July 2012
Heaton - Iris Brickfield - March 2009
Heaton - Iris Brickfield - March 2015
Heaton Park
Heaton Park - Snow Jan 2010
Heaton Park - Snow Nov 2010
Heaton Park - Redevelopment 2011
Heaton Park - House of Adam
Heaton Park Road
Heaton Road
Heaton Road - St Gabriels Church - Jan 2015
Heaton, High
Heaton, High - Library
High Bridge
High Level Bridge
Holy Jesus Hospital
Hoults Yard - Old Maling Pottery

J&W Lowry - Abandoned
Jackie Milburn Statue
Jesmond - Adderstone Crescent - Road Resurfacing Blooper
Jesmond - Archbold Terrace
Jesmond - All Saints Cemetery
Jesmond - Parish Church
Jesmond - Parish Church of St George
Jesmond - St. Andrews Cemetery
Jesmond Dene
Jesmond Dene - Fishermans Lodge Restaurant Fire
Jesmond Dene - Mill / Waterfall
Jesmond Dene - Pets Corner
Jesmond Dene - Pets Corner Regeneration
Jesmond Dene in the Snow (various dates)
Jesmond Dene in the snow November 2010
Jesmond Dene - St Mary's Chapel
Jesmond Dene Banqueting Hall
Jesmond Dene Landslide
Jesmond Dene Nurseries
Jesmond Old Cemetery
Jesmond Towers
John Dobson Street

Keelmans Hospital
Kenton Park
Killingworth Lake
King Edward Bridge

Laing Art Gallery
Leazes Park
Leazes Park Road
Leazes Park - Snow - November 2010
Leazes Park - Snow - January 2013
Leazes Park - Snow - January 2018
Leazes Terrace
Lemington Cemetery
Lemington Middle School
Literary & Philosophical Society, The

Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge Bollards Removal
Moot Hall

Neptune Energy Park
Neptune House - The Old Fish Market
Nelson Street
New Bridge Street - Lying-in Hospital
New Bridge Street West
Newbiggin Hall - Galafield
Newburn - St. Michael and All Angels Church
Newburn - Tyne Riverside Country Park - 2007-2012
Newburn - Tyne Riverside Country Park - January 2015
Newburn Bridge
Newburn Haugh
Newcastle Christmas Market - December 2014
Newcastle City Centre Skyline
Newcastle City Centre - Snow 13th February 2013
Newcastle City Centre - Night October 2016
Newcastle College
Newcastle Continental Market - Nov 2014
Newcastle Continental Market - Nov 2015
Newcastle Continental Market - Dec 2017
Newcastle Eagles Community Area
Newcastle General Hospital
Newcastle Racecourse
Newcastle Student Fees Protest December 2010
Newcastle Tall Ships Race 2005
Newcastle Town Walls
Newcastle University
Newcastle University - Richardson Road Student Accommodation
Newgate Street
Newgate Street Closure - Storm Damage to Roofs - Jan 2017
Newgate Street Shopping Centre
North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers
Northumberland Road and Ridley Place

Northumberland Street
Northumbria University
Nunsmoor Park

Ouseburn - 2016
Ouseburn - 2017
Ouseburn - 2018
Ouseburn - 2020
Ouseburn - Ballast Hills Burial Ground
Ouseburn - Old Maynards Sweet Factory (Toffee Factory) Redevelopment
Ouseburn - Old Maynards Sweet Factory (Toffee Factory)
Ouseburn - Panoramic Photos
Ouseburn - Ship Inn - London Police and Unit 44 Art
Ouseburn - Street Art and Graffiti
Ouseburn Barrage
Ouseburn Farm
Ouseburn Festival 2007
Ouseburn Festival 2008
Ouseburn Festival 2009
Ouseburn at Night 2015

Paddy Freemans Park 2005-2013
Paddy Freemans Park 2017
Percy Street 2009-2014
Percy Street 2017
Pilgrim Street
Pilgrim Street - Bank of England Demolition
Pilgrim Street - Odeon Cinema Demolition
Prudhoe Chare
Pudding Chare

QE II Bridge (Metro Bridge)
Quayside - 2014
Quayside - 2015
Quayside - 2016
Quayside - 2017
Quayside - 2018
Quayside - 2019
Quayside - 2020
Quayside - Broad Chare
Quayside - Dutch Yacht Visit - July 2014
Quayside - Fog - December 2009
Quayside - Fog - November 2015
Quayside - HMS Cumberland
Quayside - HMS Mersey
Quayside - HMS Northumberland
Quayside - HMS Severn
Quayside - HMS York
Quayside - Night January 2018
Quayside - Night October 2017
Quayside - Night - Sep 2015
Quayside - Night - Feb 2015
Quayside - Night - April 2015
Quayside - Night - Older
Quayside - Sailors' Bethel
Quayside - Sovereign Yacht - July 2014
Quayside - Sunset
Quayside - Page 1
Quayside - Page 2
Quayside - Page3
Quayside - Panoramic Photographs
Quayside - Reflections - Oct 2014
Quayside - Snow - February 2009
Quayside - Snow - November 2010
Quayside Seaside - 2011
Quayside Seaside - 2012
Quayside Seaside - 2013
Quayside Seaside - 2014
Quayside Seaside - 2015
Quayside Seaside - 2016
Quayside Seaside - 2017
Quayside Seaside - 2018
Quayside Marina
Quayside Market

Railway Street
Redheugh Bridge
Remembrance Day 2008
Richard Grainger Memorial
Royal Victoria Infirmary
Sandyford 2007-09
Sandyford 2015
Scotswood 2006-14
Scotswood 2015
Scotswood 2018
Scotswood - Lower Delaval Estate
Scotswood - Montagu Pit Disaster Memorial
Scotswood Bridge
Scotswood Railway Bridge, Old
Scottish And Newcastle Breweries
Shoulder To Shoulder (Newcastle Lego Men)
Sir Bobby Robson Memorial Garden
Spillers' Tyne Mill
Spital Tongues
Spital Tongues - Hunters Moor Hospital
St. Andrews Church
St. Ann's Church
St. James' Park
St. James' Park - Sir Bobby Robson Remembrance
St. James' Park Metro
St. John The Baptist Church
St. Mary's Cathedral
St. Nicholas' Cathedral
St. Nicholas' Cemetery
St. Peters Basin
Stephenson Works
Sugley Dene
Swing Bridge

The Close
The Close - Bessie Surtees House
The Red Arrows
The Response - War Memorial
Town Moor
Town Moor - The Hoppings 2005-2010
Town Moor - The Hoppings 2011
Town Moor - The Hoppings 2012
Town Moor - The Hoppings 2014
Town Moor - The Hoppings 2015
Town Moor - The Hoppings 2016
Town Moor - The Hoppings 2017
Town Moor - The Hoppings 2018
Trinity House Maritime Museum
Tuxedo Princess
Tyne Bridge
Tyne Tees TV Studios Demolition
Tyne Tees TV Studios, Old

Victoria Tunnel, The

Walbottle Dene
Walker - Church Walk Shopping Centre
Walker - Neptune Energy Park
Walker - Scrogg Road War Memorial
Walker - St Anthonys Estate and Welbeck Road
Walker - St Anthonys School
Walker Comprehensive School
Walker Parish Church and Cemetery
Walker Park - Older Photos
Walker Park - July 2015
Walker Park - July 2018
Walker Park - Regeneration 2016
Walker Riverside
Walker Road - Demolition
Walker - Wharrier Street School Demolition
West Road Crematorium
Westgate Hill Cemetery
Westgate House
Westgate Road
Westmorland Road
William George Armstrong Statue
Winter Festival 2005
Winter Festival 31st December 2005
Woolsington Hall
Woolsington Village
Worswick Street

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