I spent a day wandering around sunny Berwick earlier this week with my camera. Lovely little town, great friendly people and a selection of wonderful bridges. One thing I didnt like too much was the amount of traffic in the city centre all day. It felt dangerous crossing main roads.

Another great thing was the Town Walls and Ramparts said to be the finest in Europe and I find that hard to disagree with. I will make a seperate page for photos of the Town walls as there would be too many photos on this page. Berwick Town Walls

August 2016

Royal Border Brdige
Royal Border Bridge is a Grade I listed railway viaduct built between 1847 and 1850, when it was opened by Queen Victoria. The engineer who designed it was Robert Stephenson (son of George Stephenson). It was built for the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway and is still in regular use today, as part of the East Coast Main Line. More at Wikipedia

Royal Tweed Bridge
The Royal Tweed Bridge is a road bridge crossing the River Tweed. It was intended to divert traffic from the 17th century Berwick Bridge, and until the 1980s it formed part of the A1 road, the main route from London to Edinburgh. However, the construction of the A1 River Tweed Bridge to the west of Berwick has since reduced the Royal Tweed Bridge's importance.

Berwick(Old) Bridge
Berwick Bridge is a Grade I listed stone bridge built between 1611 and 1624. More at Wikipedia

General View of Bridges

Wallace Green Council Office

Berwick Station

Town Hall

Riverside Walk

The Pier and Pier Road

Castle Vale Park

Hide Hill

Holy Trinity Church

Church Street
The first two photos are of the Police Station. Such a tight angle it was difficult to photograph.


Castle Ruins
The castle's location in the hotly disputed border country between England and Scotland made it one of the most important strongholds in the British Isles, and it enjoyed an eventful history. As a major tactical objective in the region, the castle was captured by both the English and Scots on a number of occasions and frequently sustained substantial damage. More at Wikipedia - Berwick Castle

The Beach

Berwick Barracks
More photos of Berwick Barracks will appear on the Town Walls page coming soon after this one.

Bank Hill

Statue of Lady Jeringham wife of a late 19thC member of Parliament

The Leaping Salmon Inn - once a school

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