Ouseburn 2021

April 2021

Ford Street/Byker Bank
Demolition of the timber yard to make way yet another housing scheme

William Coulson Statue
The memorial fountain and statue is located on Horatio Street in Newcastle. It was originally located by the Haymarket when unveiled by the Lord Mayor on the 27th May 1914. Because of congestion by the Haymarket the statue was moved. Colonel Coulson was a founding member of the Humanitarian League, formed in England in 1891. The League opposed both corporal and capital punishment; and was also a forerunner to the modern animal rights movement, campaigning for the banning of all hunting for sport, and vivisection. The Humanitarian League was discontinued in 1919. The memorial is Grade II listed. Description courtesy of Co-Curate

February 2021

Grafitti on Maling Street

Grafitti on Maling Street

Shift starts at Steenbergs Yard

The Hotel du Vin on City Road

Old entrance to Lower Steenbergs yard

January 2021

The Tyne Pub on Maling Street

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