Grainger Street in 1966

Alan Ogle has sent in this great photo of Grainger Street taken in 1966.

On the left you will see the H Samuel shop with its clock, now moved to Northumberland Street. Next to that is one of the photographic shops of Jerome. Further to the left at the edge of the picture behind the boards advertising the journal etc is the demolished building where the Newgate Shopping Centre was shortly to be built. On the right of the picture you will see that the trolley bus wires are still in place and that in the distance a Leyland Atlantean (or perhaps two) is approaching.


Alan Walker said...

I am afraid neither of those two buses is a trolleybus; both are Leyland Atlanteans.

ILuvNUFC said...

Thanks, that was the info from Alan. I'll change it now.

I'm too young to remember either!