Pre WWI Photo of The Crows Nest in the Haymarket

Reader Jackie Dance sent in this old photo taken outside The Crows Nest in the Haymarket.

I have attached one of my favourite photos taken before the First World War outside the Crow's Nest, Haymarket. I seem to remember being told that it was of a charabanc outing to the Blaydon Races. Some of my family must be in there somewhere, but there is no-one left to ask. I just have a feeling that the lady right at the back with the big black and white hat and the gentleman next to her might be my great-grandparents Richard and Mary Riddell. Their son, my grandfather Richard Scott Riddell, after serving in WW1 was a policeman in the villages in the area, and was generally known as Dick Riddle. He died young, so my mum and grandmother moved south to be near her (my grandmother's) brother and unfortunately lost contact with the Riddell side.

I find the character of the faces in this photo fascinating - maybe someone out there will recognise some of them.

Photograph is © Jackie Dance

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Flossy said...

Fantastic photo, absolutely brilliant!!